Since 1962 Over 10 Million Users have seen results!

 At Bullworker, our mission is to make fitness simple and enhance quality of life.

Bullworker forever changed the fitness world in 1962 by empowering everyday people with an affordable product to accomplish their fitness goals using isometric strength training principles – proven to be the fastest way to build strength.

We continue to deliver innovative products to bring fitness into any lifestyle. Bullworker products give you a plethora of options to conveniently accomplish your fitness goals on your time and easily travel with you wherever you go. Don’t let the gym hold you back, take it with you!

Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better

John Hughes Bullworker

John Hughes, CEO

I have been involved with athletics all of my life, from college wrestling to World Championship Master’s Wrestling in my 60’s. Coupled with over 15 years of High School coaching, I have always strived for top physical performance in strength and flexibility for myself and the athletes I coached.

I purchased my first Bullworker in the 1960’s and was always impressed with how quickly my body responded to Bullworker training. The portability of the product meant I never had to get rid of it due to space restraints and over the next 30 years, the ability to supplement any exercise routine with a quick Bullworker workout, always complimented my desired fitness goal.

In 1999, I became the North American distributor for Bullworker and began to work on design changes to make the product much more challenging, yet always maintaining the portability aspect of this time tested and proven fitness product. In recognizing the importance of cross-training principles for maximum fitness results, I designed additional products that kept with the Bullworker portability concept with each product able to be used either separately or combined together for maximum fitness results in a complete cross training program.

In 2010, I purchased the majority of the Global rights to Bullworker and have begun the process of reintroducing Bullworker training principles that have been effective since 1962 and resulted in over 10 million units sold. Proven as the ultimate portable fitness products, Bullworker continues to deliver results to anyone, any age, where ever they choose to exercise. Get yourself totally fit, get yourself a Bullworker fitness product.

Chrisman Hughes, President

Active lifestyles have always been inspiring to me. I grew up playing organized sports and always enjoyed outdoor adventures in my free time.

In high school and college, I had access to great gyms. I spent many hours a week in the weight room and enjoyed it – minus some injuries to my shoulder.

I committed to becoming a teacher for two years after college and no longer wanted nor had the time to travel to and from the gym, spend hours lifting heavy weights, and pay the money. I got the Bullworker Pro System for my fitness training. The convenience and exceptional routines kept me in phenomenal shape while saving me time. I officially made the transition into an overall fitness approach rather than bulky muscle. I have been enjoying improved flexibility, range of motion, and relief from joint pain ever since.

Fast forward after teaching I traveled through South America to learn Spanish, volunteer, and immerse in the culture. I brought along the Iso-Bow. Months later and only using the Iso-Bow, I was impressed with the fitness levels I was able to achieve.

Upon return, I saw an opportunity (never thought I would partner with my dad) and knew this was something special. I love what I do and am inspired every day because I believe in Bullworker and giving people options to improve their fitness and quality of life.

Chrisman Hughes Bullworker

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