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Bow Extension

Enhance your fitness experience with three Bow Extension straps for added range of motion with your Bow Classic and Steel Bow. Take your deadlifts, leg presses, curls, and other exercises to the next level for even greater results. Use alone or as an accessory product for isometric holds and Iso-Motion engaging more muscle fibers building strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights. 

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Proven To Build Stronger Muscles Faster Using Isometric Exercise Principles


Target Your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Abs, and Legs For Optimum Results


Increase Your Muscular Strength and Burn Fat in Minutes, Anywhere

Maximize Your Cross – Training

The crossover product that enhances the Bullworker® experience. Use with your Bow Classic/Steel-Bow® to increase extension in Deadlifts / Leg Presses or expand your Iso-Motion® movement. Use alone for pure Isometric holds. Mix and match for stretching and high cardio core movement… and introduce yourself to the movement of the Iso-Gym®. The Bow Extension improves every Bullworker product with Iso-Fitness™ possibilities. The accessory product that becomes a necessity once you use it


  • Isometric – Improve Your Strength
  • Iso-Motion – Improve Your flexibility and Strength
  • Isotonic – Toning and Definition
  • Resiliency – Improve Your Cardio and Recovery
  • Endurance –Improve Your Stamina

Who’s It For?

Bow Extension® extends the range of motion of existing exercises and unlocks countless new exercises, making it the perfect companion accessory for both the Steel-Bow® and the Bow Classic®. It’s a smart way for anyone looking to maximize the versatility and effectiveness of their Bullworker® device.

Use the extension to strengthen your lower back through deadlifts, isolate your biceps with extended curls, or make it easier to exercise while sitting in a chair. The combinations are plentiful — just follow along with guided exercises or create your own routine. By providing you with greater range of motion to strengthen your everyday movements, the Bow Extension® is an indispensable accessory for Bullworker® training.

What’s Included?

  • Foam padded handles providing excellent comfort and grip
  • Full-size, detailed exercise chart with full-color demonstrations
  • Five year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Free Iso-Bow – the most powerful pocket fitness device on the market

Are you ready to complete your fitness program and achieve your goals? Buy a Bow Extension® today to increase the versatility and effectiveness of your workouts risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.