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Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and improve your flexibility and range of motion with the Iso-Gym. Accomplish your fitness goals and improve your performance with an at-home body-weight fitness training device offering superior rotational exercise for people of all fitness levels.

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Welcome to the complete Bodyweight Trainer. Our most versatile product receives the most technical terms. The Iso-Gym takes Iso-Fitness™ to the ultimate level: complete rotational core development with full joint extension for every concentric and eccentric contraction. Flexion and extension, abduction and adduction and elevation and depression muscular movement are all possible with an Iso-Gym workout. What do all these anatomical movements mean? Through one product, all of these muscular disciplines can be performed in simple and convenient exercises. Now you can have the agility, flexibility and strength of a gymnast and do so safely and conveniently anywhere you go. The Iso-Gym: Iso-Fitness through Iso-Motion, Muscular Simplicity at its finest.