Steel Bow + Bow Ext Basic

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Shape your Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, and Core with the Steel Bow and Bow Extensions. The combination gives you a home or portable workout device to build muscle and achieve total body fitness in only 90 minutes a week!

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Maximize your fitness experience and budget with the Steel Bow by adding the Bow Extension Basic.

The smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, allowing faster, more precise results. The Steel-Bow allows for more routines to be performed, especially those involving Iso-Motion®, where you move through full joint rotation while exercising your muscles.

Included are (3) Interchangeable springs to provide the resistance levels for any muscle group. The Steel-Bow is the ideal product for anyone serious about improving their fitness. The included and revolutionary 30-minute Sit-at-Home Fitness® routine gives you an exercise for your whole body while sitting in a chair. You choose what works for you, 5 different fitness disciplines (Isometric / Isotonic / Resiliency / Endurance / Iso-Motion®). The Steel-Bow increases your strength, definition, flexibility, and endurance.

MAXIMIZE YOUR CROSS TRAINING using the Bow Extensions with your Steel Bow to increase range of motion with Dead-lifts, Leg Presses, Squats, Curls, Shoulder Presses, Delt Raises, and more.


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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions20 × 4 × 4 in


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