Bow Classic Total Body Superset

Get ready for a full-fledged hour-long total body workout you can do from home with nothing more than the Bullworker Bow Classic. Follow along as we guide you from movement to movement in these dynamic strength-building isometric exercises.
  • Perform each exercise consecutively for 1 set.
  • 7 Second isometric hold followed by 12 controlled isotonic reps (compression and release).
  • Number of sets:
    • Foundation: 1 set
    • Enhance: 2 sets
    • Peak: 3 sets

EXERCISESTotal Body Blast:

Key Tips:

1. Breathe constantly, never holding your breath

2. Focus on engaging your muscles and using proper form over resistance

3. Push yourself but listen to your body.

The exercises:

1. Chest Compressions (keep those elbows up parallel to the ground)

2. Cable Spreads

3. Upper Chest Compressions

4. Archers

5. Lower Chest Compressions

6. Lat Pulldowns

7. Reverse Grip Chest Compressions

8. Back Rows

9. Deadlifts

10. Calf Extensions

11. Seated Deadlifts

12. Hip Abductions

13. Hip Adductions

14. Resisted Crunches

15. Tricep Cable Pushdowns

16. Bicep Curls

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Happy Training, Bullworker