The Most Effective Home Gym Since 1962

The Most Effective Home Gym

Since 1962

New S3 Premium Bullworkers

Isometric Home Fitness Equipment

Bow Classic

The perfect fitness device for the person looking for an all in one home gym. With 100’s of total body exercises this compact exerciser makes anywhere a complete gym system, and a no brainer!

Core Exercise Device

Steel Bow

The perfect fitness device for the versatile professional. Whether you are at home, the office, or on the road, the Steel Bow makes it easy to target your muscles and achieve results, quickly!

signature Products

Bow Classic - Archer

Bow Classic

More muscle power, leg training, and range of motion, with full control of resistance.

Steel Bow Exercise

Steel Bow

Easily target specific muscle groups, allowing faster, more precise strength-building results.

ISO-FLO Exercise


Enhance muscle strength, definition, and mobility with maximum time under tension and efficiency.

ISO-BOW Exercise


Increase strength, improve flexibility, and release tension with deeper stretching

90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

build strength up to 66% faster

Isometric exercises engage more muscle fibers and increase strength up to 66% faster than traditional weight lifting by activating 95.2% muscular engagement

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Custom resistance

Whether you are a top athlete or new to exercise, take control of your training with optimum resistance levels to accomplish your fitness goals

Custom resistance

Whether you are a top athlete or new to exercise, take control of your training with optimum resistance levels to accomplish your fitness goals

What Customers are saying…

"Highly recommended!"

“Whether you’re looking to exercise while traveling, on the go or simply in the comfort of your own home, the Bullworker is perfect for that. I was very skeptical over such a small exercise equipment meant to “do it all” but honestly, after doing the 90 day workout provided in their free downloadable e-book, the results are amazing. The strength I gained and the toning is just incredible in 90 days and completely surpassed my gym results if you compare the effort and time spent. Highly recommended!”

Kevin Descent

"It is Simple and versatile without breaking the bank!"

“What I love most about my Iso-Bow is how easy and convenient it is to use. One day we used it in the park to enhance a boot-camp style workout and the very next day we took it to help us stretch before and after a long hike. It is simple and versatile all while not breaking the bank!”

— Krista Schroth

"High quality, well put together, and a really good workout"

With the gym being closed and not having enough space for a weight bench, I started researching home workout solutions. As I read other product reviews, invariably, someone would mention “not as good as a Bullworker”. So I checked out the Bullworker. The reviews and the fact this product has been around for 40+ years sold me – I figured I’d give it a try.

I got the classic model, which comes with 5 springs for a full range of strengths. I’m no wimp at 5’11” and a pretty solid 205, but the second lowest spring is sufficient for a great upper-body workout – pretty sure I won’t get more one than level higher! But the results are what counts, and I’m happy to report I noticed a difference after just a few workouts – I’m talking one week, and my arms felt like they were back to where they were when the gym closed more than a month ago. There is definitely something to this isometric exercise.

I am super pleased with this purchase. This is no gimmick machine, but the real deal. High quality, well put together, and a really good workout. Buy it with confidence.

— D. Furman

"I've gained muscle during these workouts and muscle definition as well"

I’ve started to use the ISO-FLO daily. I’ve gained muscle during these workouts and muscle definition as well. Muscle on muscle is no joke when done correctly and this is a wonderful device for those kinds of exercise. The book that it comes with fully describe the exercises and this equipment is very sturdy and up to a good workout.

— Exercise Nut

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Bullworker products are shipped across the United State and to Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.