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“I am excited to share my journey from 286 lbs to 165 lbs and being taken off blood-pressure medication for the first time in 5 years!

If you are struggling with being overweight, hopefully my achievements and story can be of help and encouragement. Friends, you can do it, slow and steady, sometimes you mess up, but forgive yourself and go on.”

~Børge Blåtind

“I lost over 25 lbs with the Bullworker Pro Pack! I enjoy a lean fit body thanks to the great fitness programs designed by Chrisman and John Hughes. The Bullworker community on Facebook is very inspirational and I transformed my 62-year-old body and got into the best shape of my life and know you can do it too! Getting one of the great quality Bullworker products is a decision you will always be thankful you made.”

~ Barrie Bonter

“What I love most about my Iso-Bow is how easy and convenient it is to use. One day we used it in the park to enhance a boot-camp style workout and the very next day we took it to help us stretch before and after a long hike. It is simple and versatile all while not breaking the bank!”

~ Krista

“Whether you’re looking to exercise while traveling, on the go or simply in the comfort of your own home, the Bullworker is perfect for that. I was very skeptical over such a small exercise equipment meant to “do it all” but honestly, after doing the 90 day workout provided in their free downloadable e-book, the results are amazing. The strength I gained and the toning is just incredible in 90 days and completely surpassed my gym results if you compare the effort and time spent. Highly recommend!”

~ Kevin Descent

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Build stronger muscles and powerful movements with the Bullworker Barbell

Target individual muscles and tone your body with the Bullworker Dumbbell

Enhance your flexibility and release tension with beginning, intermediate and advanced stretching

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Enhance Your Quality of Life with Simple Fitness

Bullworker® has been redefining fitness for over 50 years with cutting edge products so you can achieve total body fitness through simple exercises fit for your schedule. Increase your flexibility and endurance while sculpting your muscles for the body you deserve. Perfection is in the details and today’s Bullworker products give you the ultimate opportunities in cross-training excellence. No other products on the market provide you with the ability to mix and match your workout routines with such ease and flexibility for real results in less time.

“ The Bullworker Family is a community of all fitness levels inspiring each other to enhance quality of life.”

Chrisman Hughes