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Science and Simplicity

The most significant breakthrough in fitness came when Dr. E.A. Muller and Dr. Th. Hettinger discovered maximum muscle growth can be attained by exerting 60% of existing muscle strength against a superior resistance for only 7 seconds once a day using a remarkable fitness technique known as isometrics. The study at the Max Planck Institute consisted of over 200 experiments over a ten-year period.

Professor James A. Baley put isometrics to the test with a class of college students at the University of Connecticut. The study resulted in the isometric training group improving three times faster than the sports training group on tests measuring increases in strength, endurance, coordination, and agility.

Bullworker pioneered portable home fitness devices and the 7-second isometric exercise to empower everyone to accomplish their fitness goals regardless of time or money.

We focus on contraction and extension movements involving range of motion for enhancing all of your major muscle groups and enhancing your everyday performance.

Start a Bullworker program, stay with it, and enjoy the benefits:

Look, Feel, and Be Better

John Hughes Bullworker

John Hughes, CEO

Fitness and athletics have always been a part of my life. I was fortunate enough to wrestle in college (NCAA), the World Championship Master’s Wrestling in my 60’s, and coach high school athletes for over 15 years. I have always emphasized to attain top physical performance one needs strength and flexibility.

I purchased my first Bullworker in the 1960’s and was always impressed with how quickly my body responded to Bullworker training. The quality and portability of the product allowed me to have it for over 30 years and conveniently complimented my desired fitness routines.

In 1999, I became the North American distributor for Bullworker and began to improve the design to make the product more versatile yet challenging for all fitness levels. In recognizing the importance of cross-training principles for maximum fitness results, I designed additional products that kept with the Bullworker portability concept and the intention of being used either separately or combined for maximum fitness results for a complete cross training program.

In 2010, we expanded globally reintroducing the Bullworker training principles which have been effective since 1962 resulting in over 10 million units sold. Proven as the ultimate portable fitness products, Bullworker continues to deliver results to anyone, any age, wherever they choose to exercise.

Chrisman Hughes, President

I officially gave the Bullworker Pro System a go upon graduating from college. I committed to becoming a teacher for two years. Teaching was going to consume a lot of time and energy and I no longer wanted to take the time going to and from the gym, spend hours lifting heavy weights, and pay for the membership.

The results I began to feel and see from the convenient cross training routines exceeded my expectations. My muscles were leaner and my body moved and felt better. I was quickly convinced making the change from lifting heavy weights to focusing on an overall fitness approach of strength, flexibility, and functionality was the right call.

After teaching I traveled through South America to learn Spanish, volunteer, and immerse in the culture. I brought along my companion, the Iso-Bow. 8 months of traveling and the Iso-Bow was the only strength and flexibility product I used and once again I was amazed with the fitness levels I was able to achieve. 

When I returned, I knew Bullworker products were something special and approached my dad, it only took a few years…ok a decade, but the rest is history. I love what I do and am inspired every day because I believe in Bullworker and the options we provide people to enhance their quality of life with simple fitness.

I enjoy seeing the Bullworker Family continuing to grow around the world and across all ages and fitness levels. You all inspire each other and continue to encourage us to do what we do, Thank You!

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