Helping millions accomplish their fitness goals

Since 1962

The key to seeing results with your health and wellness is sustainability and consistency.

There are a million ways to improve yourself but ultimately it only works if you do it.

Since 1962 Bullworker sets itself apart from others in the industry because we provide the most practical equipment and combine it with a simple approach to fitness.

We use science backed techniques proven to be the fastest way to build strength with compact exercise equipment which makes exercise as convenient as pushing or pulling. That is it, no set up, no bulky weights or large equipment.

We stay true to our values and strive to provide high quality products that solve the common challenges of “not enough time” and “not enough money”.

The most significant breakthrough in fitness

Thorough studies of over 200 experiments at the Max Planck Institute proved 7 second isometric strength training is the fastest technique to obtain maximum muscle growth.

Later, a study at the University of Connecticut put isometrics to the test. The study resulted in the isometric training group improving three times faster than the sports training group on tests measuring strength, endurance, coordination, and agility.

In 1962, based on these findings, the Bullworker was invented giving the world the most effective and convenient fitness tool.

Decades and millions of users later, Bullworker continues to pioneer the portable home fitness industry empowering people around the world to accomplish their health and wellness goals.

*Present day, Isometric strength training techniques are still proven to be the fastest way to build strength


To make the world happier and healthier through intentional movement.

People are happier and healthier with intentional movement. The world becomes a better place with exercise. For that reason, we listen, pay attention to detail and design high quality, user-friendly products and informational resources. The result is the best health and wellness solutions fit for any lifestyle.

We are most proud of the lives we have helped positively transform. We love hearing stories of people finding a new zest for life, experiencing weight loss, muscle and strength gains, mental health improvements, all the way to huge medical wins like no longer being diabetic or needing prescriptions for blood pressure.

The Bullworker Family is an inspirational group building bridges around the globe during a time when it is so easy to separate us through our differences. We embrace our differences and learn from a diverse community to better the world around us!


Empower every individual by transforming their approach to fitness with practical, holistic health and wellness solutions tailored to their lifestyle.


Providing high quality fitness products and services to improve mental and physical wellness of the Bullworker Family to better perform at their life’s demands.


  1. Integrity: We are honest. We do what we say. We stay true to who we are.
  2. Service: We listen. We help. We solve to the best of our ability.
  3. Passion: We believe in what we do. We seek opportunity to grow. We bring an insatiable energy to everything.
  4. Joy: We are grateful. We have fun. We welcome the process.
  5. Excellence: We have high standards. We strive for perfection. We produce quality.
John Hughes Bullworker

John Hughes, CEO

Fitness and athletics have always been a part of my life. I was fortunate enough to wrestle in college (NCAA), the World Championship Master’s Wrestling in my 60’s, and coach high school athletes for over 15 years. I have always emphasized to attain top physical performance one needs strength and flexibility.

I purchased my first Bullworker in the 1960’s and was always impressed with how quickly my body responded to Bullworker training. The quality and portability of the product allowed me to have it for over 30 years and conveniently complimented my desired fitness routines.

In 1999, I became the North American distributor for Bullworker and began to improve the design to make the product more versatile yet challenging for all fitness levels. In recognizing the importance of cross-training principles for maximum fitness results, I designed additional products that kept with the Bullworker portability concept and the intention of being used either separately or combined for maximum fitness results for a complete cross training program.

In 2010, we expanded globally reintroducing the Bullworker training principles which have been effective since 1962 resulting in over 10 million units sold. Proven as the ultimate portable fitness products, Bullworker continues to deliver results to anyone, any age, wherever they choose to exercise.

Upon graduating from college I committed to becoming a teacher for two years. I knew teaching was going to consume a lot of time and energy and I no longer wanted to spend precious time going to and from the gym, lifting heavy weights for hours, and pay for an expensive membership.

It was a no brainer to give the Bullworker line a go. I was quickly convinced making the change from lifting heavy weights to focusing on strength, flexibility, and functionality was the right call. I feel and move better, my muscles are leaner, I am overall fitter and healthier, and best of all I have more time to put my fitness to use doing the things I love.

After teaching I took a trip through South America to learn Spanish, volunteer, and immerse in the culture. I brought along my companion, the Iso-Bow. Eight months of only the Iso-Bow and once again I was amazed with the fitness levels I was able to achieve.

When I returned, I knew everyone should have an opportunity to see how simply, quickly, and effectively you can achieve your fitness goals.

I am inspired every day by the Bullworker Family growing around the world, across all ages and fitness levels, and inspiring each other to continue enhancing their quality of life with simple fitness.

You all continue to encourage us to do what we do, Thank You!

Chrisman Hughes Bullworker

Chrisman Hughes, President

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