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What people are saying About Bullworker

“I am excited to share my journey from 286 lbs to 165 lbs and being taken off blood-pressure medication for the first time in 5 years! If you are struggling with being overweight, hopefully my achievements and story can be of help and encouragement. Friends, you can do it, slow and steady, sometimes you mess up, but forgive yourself and go on.”


“I have lost about 12 lbs, inches, and started to tone and am determined to succeed in my goal of a slim, strong, toned figure. To any ladies out there, please share..after all I am a lady in her 60’s, and if I can do it, you can too!! Thank you Tomec for your encouragement and support, and Bullworker for making the best home fitness system out there…oh yes, and for the great outdoors, too. Love the Iso-Gym: Bodyweight Suspension Fitness; great fun!”

“I lost over 25 lbs with the Bullworker Pro Pack! I enjoy a lean fit body thanks to the great fitness programs designed by Chrisman and John Hughes. The Bullworker community on Facebook is very inspirational and I transformed my 62-year-old body and got into the best shape of my life and know you can do it too! Getting one of the great quality Bullworker products is a decision you will always be thankful you made.”



“I have been a Bullworker user since 1969, over 40 years… this classic is the best model I have owned!”

“The Steel Bow is a revolutionary product that will change your perception about portable exercise equipment. This is the first product of its kind to use kinetic “Isometric Training” in a tangible way. The Steel Bow is a groundbreaking product, which incorporates both Isotonic and Iso-Motion in one compact, simple to use lightweight package. What a great way to achieve a complete work out anyplace, anywhere. I use it to get “all pumped-up” before going on the set or leaving my house!”

The Muscleman of Technology (

“Whether you’re looking to exercise while traveling, on the go or simply in the comfort of your own home, the Bullworker is perfect for that. I was very skeptical over such a small exercise equipment meant to “do it all” but honestly, after doing the 90 day workout provided in their free downloadable e-book, the results are amazing. The strength I gained and the toning is just incredible in 90 days and completely surpassed my gym results if you compare the effort and time spent. Highly recommend!”

“Its’ my weekend off from the Bullworker exercise and my 90 day trial is up so here are the before and after shots. Got to say it myself but at nearly 60 I didn’t think this possible. Well pleased with the Bullworker Bow Classic and all it will do for me in the future.”

“90 days done! Still more to do but I’ve loved it. Managed most sessions. I have noticed a positive mental change as well as physical. I didn’t change my diet or get into cardio as I wanted to see just what a Bullworker could do. Well done to everyone that stuck at it. #inspirations

Results: Lost 11 lbs, 8 inches off my waist, and gained 2.4 inches around my chest.”



"Just wanted to add my voice to the praises for The Bullworker. Thanks for making a superior product!"

“I finally received the Steel Bow I ordered last month. And I’m glad I waited. As I’m sure you know, there are conflicting claims on the Internet when it comes to your product and the Bully Xtreme. Quite frankly, I couldn’t discern the truth online, so I ordered both products. I wish everyone could see what I have seen.

No handles on the cables for the BX. The progress meter/scale is glued onto the cylinder. Wonder how long that’ll last. And they made a big deal about a vinyl case for the Bullworker. Well, the Bullworker case isn’t vinyl, it’s denim-like material. The BX comes with NO case. To underline the cheapness of their product, it was shipped unwrapped in a post office box.

“I know you guys are aware of all this. I just wanted to add my voice to the praises for The Bullworker.

“Thanks for making a superior product.”


“In April 2018 I started using Bullworker products after a long period of ill health. At this time, I weight around 280 lbs. I used Bullworker to complete the 90 Day Fitness Challenges of both the Bow Classic and Steel Bow. My weight is now 178 lbs and best of all I am no longer diabetic and have normal blood pressure. I achieved this through Bullworker exercise and no medication.”

“From the first day I used a Bullworker, I felt a zest and power running through my veins to my muscles! WOW! I’ve been hooked ever since. I ordered the Bow Classic and Steel Bow with the extensions. Beautifully crafted, robust, and with changeable springs. I am a qualified PT and have used many methods of strength and conditioning! This combination will give you all you need to increase muscle tone, functional strength, muscle mass and sculpturing… Your tendons and ligaments will also become stronger in a way that conventional weight training cannot match! It is not just a box of equipment you buy it’s an ethos of sharing knowledge, encouragement and celebrated results!”

“I remain excited for Bullworker and in the direction it is going. Since using the ISO-Bow, I am certain I have made some strength gains. Today I was in the gym doing seated shoulder press, and took it up to 40 kgs per shoulder and just pumped them out, that is a whole 10 kgs more than usual per shoulder, never did that before!”


"I am proud to own this fine product and believe it will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it."

“I have owned the new CLASSIC Bullworker for a few weeks and found it has the greatest resistance and smoothest action/operation /quietness of all previous Bullworkers I have owned! It has great feel to the handles with their rubber inlay and cable grips which make it pleasure to use ,the case, poster chart, DVD are truly outstanding and which make a complete package plus the over all finish e.g. quality of chrome /power meter scale/general construction are of the highest standard I am proud to own this fine product and believe it will last a life time I highly recommend it as a long term investment in fitness to any one thinking of buying one do it you will not regret it.”


"I have an issue and it had affected my feet – I had some numbness. Two weeks with the chair exercises and it's gone!"

“I just have to tell you how much I appreciate the chair exercises. I have a low level hyperglycemia issue and it had affected my feet – I had some numbness – nothing extreme but I was aware of it. TWO WEEKS WITH THE CHAIR EXERCISES AND IT’S GONE! Also – the veininess in the toes has somewhat dissipated! I also have increased my flexibility probably over 100%! I know this as when I use my small shower in my shed, I no longer have issues with hard to reach areas. Also, no problem reaching around my back. That had been quite a problem! G_D Bless and I hope you sell millions of these. I am one of your biggest fans.”


"I have been a Bullworker user for 40 years and this is great for back and leg extensions."

“This is the missing link to maximizing the use of a Bullworker. I have been a Bullworker user for 40 years and this is great for back and leg extensions. The bonus is the attachment to the door that allows a TRX like exercise with Bullworker resistance. The carabiner allows a quick change to different strap lengths. I also have attached 2 of the straps together and done overhead presses. The detailed Chart is extremely informative and gives many exercises in how to use this. This is better than elastic bands and it works with a Bullworker. Leg and back exercises have a new dimension with this. Every Bullworker user should have this. AGAIN, GREAT FOR THE LOWER BACK exercises.”

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