(21 customer reviews)



(21 customer reviews)


(21 customer reviews)


  • Isometric exercises are proven to build stronger muscles faster
  • Customized resistance makes it simple for all fitness levels
  • Torch calories and relieve stress
  • Low impact training is safer than lifting weight
  • Elevate your Bullworker routine as a Bow Extension

Product Specifications

Your ISO-FLO Includes
  • 2 adjustable straps with rubber coated handles
  • Heavy duty carbainer
  • Instruction manual and routines for your ISO-BOW and ISO-FLO 
  • Canvas carrying case
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in
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90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

Burn Calories and Increase Strength 66% Faster

Tricep Cable Extensions
Bow Classic Exercise
ISO-FLO Biceps Cable Curl

See the ISO-FLO in action

Fitness made simple has been a staple to Bullworker’s history. ISO-FLO makes no exception to this promise. See how Bullworker has learned to defy odds once again by allowing you to stretch and grow muscle fibers with even less baggage.

See how you can improve your strength and physique regardless of where you are with ISO-FLO. Follow Bullworker now and see ISO-FLO provide you simple fitness in any location.

Even for the strongest individuals, an unfortunate injury can be detrimental to their fitness schedule and performance. Luckily for you, the ISO-FLO is engineered to efficiently reach muscle developing resistance with low impact to your joints and muscles.


What people are saying about the ISO-FLO

(21 customer reviews)

Iso-Flo is great and very effective on it’s own and or in conjunction with other exercise routines that include Bullworker Classic and or Streel Bow.

Highly recommended.



Chris Bowman

I like Iso Flo very much, the quality is very good and it will last a long time. The additional Iso Bow is also great.

I am glad I bought it and am always happy to train with it.


Stephen Engler

“My first workout today made me a believer in the Iso Flo’s true potential.

I could feel the burn, engaging my whole body. Not to mention the great cardio effect. AND you don’t need a door anchor to do exercises, you are the anchor….talk about portability!”

Peter Banzon


Instantly turn the space around you into a muscle
growing, calorie burning, range defying fitness center
within an arm’s reach. whether you are starting your
fitness exploration or a seasoned trainer, ISO-FLO gives
you tools to improve your quality of life.

See how efficiently you can reach new peaks in performance with muscle targeting. Move through your natural range of motion while improving muscle definition and releasing stress.

Utilize your greatest asset (yourself) safely with customizable resistance based on your level of fitness. Isolate what matters, your health, your safety, and your happiness.

Relieve yourself of any concerns with Bullworker’s 90 Day Guarantee. If it doesn’t improve your quality of life, receive your money back with no questions.

Bow Classic Package

ISO-FLO Reviews

21 reviews for ISO-FLO

  1. Bob Williams

    I’m a big–a humongous–fan of the Bullworker, all the more so because it can be used virtually anywhere. I don’t care that it’s not going to make me the next Schwarzenegger or Ferrigno. At my age, 69, I don’t aspire to be (and tbh, never really did). I’m simply looking to enhance my fitness and my quality of life as best as I can for as long as I can, and I sincerely believe my work with the Bullworkers I have–the X5, the Bow Classic, and the Steel Bow–are helping me do just that.

  2. Nestor

    Good product

  3. John Abisch

    Portable, affordable, effective. Great for those who travel and want a good workout in a hotel room. Another great product from Bullworker.

  4. Duke D

    I found the Iso Flo pack to be very useful to take to work and get some exercise in. Very portable self resistance system. The durable straps & carabinar make it very versatile to be used as a bullworker extension or attached to anchoring points for other strap system training.

  5. Robert Williams

    I have been using the IsoFlo for a few months now. It is good for isometric and isotonic workouts. It’s a really flexible piece of equipment that can be used creatively. It comes with the Isobow included that I like to work my chest with.
    It’s great for taking into work with me so I can squeeze in a workout, it’s very portable and had a good quality carry bag.
    I find it works my back, arms and shoulders really well. My wife uses it for her legs and core.
    It’s my favourite piece of equipment. Feel the burn!

  6. Bruce Uhalley (verified owner)

    Excellent addition to using both the Steel Bow and the Bow Classic from Bullworker. Replacing certain exercises with the Iso-Flo makes the intensity of the exercise higher, I find. I highly recommend this Iso-Flo with the two Bullworker products I indicated for a full workout experience. I am over the age of 60 years and these products help the joints tremendously due to the years of training at the gym.

  7. rajendar menen (verified owner)

    Excellent full body workout. No complaints.

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    The Iso-Flo is my latest purchase direct from the Bullworker website. Like the other products I have ordered from them; the Iso-Flo is well made and is a great and easily portable piece of equipment. It continues where the great Iso-Bow left off; using isometric principles to build muscle. I am 71 years old and have the feeling that this, and my other Bullworker products will help me maintain my health for the years to come. Very pleased with all my purchases. Thanks!

  9. Chris R

    Ok. I’m really going against the grain. Can’t buy ISO Flo..but I do have the predecessor…the ISO Gym. The ISO gym is great and I follow the ISO Flo workouts…So I will say….my ISO gym is a bit more cumbersome but the workout are fantastic. Being able to control the effort with opposed limb..this is what the Original workout from the 1940’s ..Charles Atlas and then even Jack Lalanne did. Using your own power to do. The ISO Flo fits this bill. You control the tension with your opposing limb and effort. And the set up from movement to movement is Simple/easy & fantastic Putting this together 2x’s a week with 3 Bullworker Classic workouts each week is awesome.

  10. Peter Banzon

    The Iso Flo … Iso-Bow on steroids!

    The IsoFlo is the IsoBow on steroids. I love the Iso-Bow. It has proven to be one of the most versatile exercise equipments delivering power, flexibility and mobility to our muscles.

    But the arrival of my Iso Flow takes that versatility several notches higher.

    My first workout today made me a believer in the Iso Flo’s true potential. It has given fresh meaning to the Bull worker Mantra ” You control the resistance, you control the results”.

    It really challenged my muscles. I could feel the burn, as my muscles pleaded for relief…not from pain but from exhaustion. I did slow deliberate reps to failure, applied Isometric holds duplicating many Zass holds then moved to constant tension of Iso Flow Isomotion engaging my whole body. Not to mention the great cardio effect.

    What also makes the Iso Flo unique is the you don’t need a door anchor to do exercises, you are the anchor….talk about portability!

    What a powerful complement to the Bullworker Line. The Iso Flow is an exercise equipment whose time has come!

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