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Save your time and money by eliminating your commute to and from your gym

No more lifting heavy weights, use safe and controlled resistance

Look Good, Feel Better, and Be More

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Are you ready for simple exercise that yields fantastic results? The ISO-FLO has finally arrived. Take it with you anywhere for customized resistance, isometric techniques proven to engage more muscle fibers and build strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights.

Use ISO-MOTION for strengthening your body’s range of motion for daily performance.

Buy with confidence, Bullworker promises to improve your quality of life or your money back with our 90 Day Guarantee

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16 reviews for ISO-FLO

  1. Chrisman Hughes

    As the president, and a big believer, I use Bullworker products regularly. I brought the ISO-FLO on a recent trip to Indonesia. I used my back as luggage for a journey and the ISO-FLO fit perfectly due to its small footprint.

    The simple yet quick and effective workouts were a fabulous way to continue accomplishing my fitness goals and boost my energy while not missing any of the trip (if anything, adding to it)!

    I experimented with the ISO-FLO as a way to rehab my shoulder after separating my AC joint from a bike crash. My physical therapist after a few weeks said, keep doing what you are doing! Feeling strong now and when I got back into climbing my buddy said “what a testament to your product, you came back as strong as you were at climbing”

    The muscle development and definition in a short high intensity routine has me grabbing my ISO-FLO often as my go to exerciser.

    Specializing in shoulders, arms, back, and core the ISO-FLO helps me target rebalancing my posterior with my anterior (most of us have overdeveloped chests).

    Give it a go, you will not regret it. If you do, send it back and we will refund you. We stand by our quality and your satisfaction with a 90 day money back guarantee.

  2. Peter Roberts (verified owner)

    just a quick review,well made and should last years. I’ve only used it for isometrics,and have found it ideal to get ,the exact lengths for holds.I think it upholds the Bullworker brands ,reputation for excellence

  3. Gordon Maddison (verified owner)

    Love the Bullworker, have both sizes. I have the ISO-FLO but haven’t used it yet. That will happen. Thanks for all you do. You’ve capitalized to get combinations.. I’ve had a home gym for 18 yrs and have done it all and fully appreciate the Redefining Fitness Progam.

  4. Gordon Maddison (verified owner)

    I have have all of your products

  5. Glenn Lefkof (verified owner)

    I have used the ISO Flow for a while now, and it’s a great, and simple apparatus that tones and strengthens your body. One half is for your feet, either pressing each side of the foot straps down on the floor or being held by your feet if you’re on your back, and the other side is for your arms to pull or push in on the handles. The strap material is just a slick, strong, flat material that slides through the same metal loop for the foot section, and is grasped by the handles. Both sides can be adjusted for length. So when I’m doing the standing exercises like arm curls or press ups ten reps of each, the arms start to burn! You wouldn’t think that you would get such a nice burn in the arms, but you do. It pumps your muscles up! And you can change the direction of your arm movements to work different muscles. Then you can lie down on your back and with your feet positioned through the foot holders and adjusting the length, you can pump your legs forward and backward one at a time giving your legs a workout. If you’re adventurous you can pump your arms and legs at the same time. You can do arm curls in this position as well with the added bonus of balance and ab strengthening. It’s a great product. It’s simple, but brilliant in concept. I find that I have to make about three adjustments to the strap lengths in the upper side for a complete workout. It’s actually fun to do this workout. The adjustments take about 30 secondes or less. All the Bullworker products are exceptional. The Iso-Bow is another unique product. And of course the Bullworker is great. They say that the strap material won’t wear out. That remains to be seen. I’m sure they have tested it as it wouldn’t be difficult to test for thousands of cycles over the same area or 100 thousand cycles rubbing back and forth over the same area.. And they say that it doesn’t wear out. If I do 100 thousand cycles with this product, then the product is worth every penny because it will take many years to get that many. 50 cycles over the same spot a day is 350 per week, 1400 per month. 16800 per year. But so far I see no wear or tear in the strap material. But it’s only been a few weeks. Overall, the Iso-Flow is terrific!

  6. Roger (verified owner)

    I love my Iso-Flo. It works better than the Iso-Gym due to the fact it is more sturdy.

  7. Chris Bowman

    Iso-Flo is great and very effective on it’s own and or in conjunction with other exercise routines that include Bullworker Classic and or Streel Bow. Highly recommended.

  8. Daniel DeBroux

    The ISO FLOW was a great addition to my bull worker. It allowed me to do curls, 1 and 2 handed, standing and seated. YES!!! It helped with providing a great extension. Bullworker just became my go to equipment at home!!!

  9. Stephan Engler

    I like Iso Flo very much, the quality is very good and it will last a long time. The additional Iso Bow is also great. I am glad I bought it and am always happy to train with it.

  10. Mike Bradbury

    ISO-FLO is a High Quality product made to last. I am very impressed with all the different fantastic workouts you can perform !!!

  11. Adam Worcester

    You can use these for a separate workout or attach them to your steel bow to enhance those workouts. They’re awesome for stretching too.

  12. Peter Banzon

    The Iso Flo … Iso-Bow on steroids!

    The IsoFlo is the IsoBow on steroids. I love the Iso-Bow. It has proven to be one of the most versatile exercise equipments delivering power, flexibility and mobility to our muscles.

    But the arrival of my Iso Flow takes that versatility several notches higher.

    My first workout today made me a believer in the Iso Flo’s true potential. It has given fresh meaning to the Bull worker Mantra ” You control the resistance, you control the results”.

    It really challenged my muscles. I could feel the burn, as my muscles pleaded for relief…not from pain but from exhaustion. I did slow deliberate reps to failure, applied Isometric holds duplicating many Zass holds then moved to constant tension of Iso Flow Isomotion engaging my whole body. Not to mention the great cardio effect.

    What also makes the Iso Flo unique is the you don’t need a door anchor to do exercises, you are the anchor….talk about portability!

    What a powerful complement to the Bullworker Line. The Iso Flow is an exercise equipment whose time has come!

  13. Chris R

    Ok. I’m really going against the grain. Can’t buy ISO Flo..but I do have the predecessor…the ISO Gym. The ISO gym is great and I follow the ISO Flo workouts…So I will say….my ISO gym is a bit more cumbersome but the workout are fantastic. Being able to control the effort with opposed limb..this is what the Original workout from the 1940’s ..Charles Atlas and then even Jack Lalanne did. Using your own power to do. The ISO Flo fits this bill. You control the tension with your opposing limb and effort. And the set up from movement to movement is Simple/easy & fantastic Putting this together 2x’s a week with 3 Bullworker Classic workouts each week is awesome.

  14. Robert (verified owner)

    The Iso-Flo is my latest purchase direct from the Bullworker website. Like the other products I have ordered from them; the Iso-Flo is well made and is a great and easily portable piece of equipment. It continues where the great Iso-Bow left off; using isometric principles to build muscle. I am 71 years old and have the feeling that this, and my other Bullworker products will help me maintain my health for the years to come. Very pleased with all my purchases. Thanks!

  15. rajendar menen (verified owner)

    Excellent full body workout. No complaints.


    In UK speak…”IT’S A BELTER!”
    If you understand the principles of how muscles grow via neural stimulations at a cellular level, no more needs to be said. Donald “Hebb’s Law” proves this and is the fundament of modern neuro-science.
    The beauty of isometrics is this. If you’re in rehab’, seek mobility, seek flexibility, seek hypertrophy, this product will cover it.
    All that is in the way is the belief system a flawed fitness industry has used to keep you beguiled. If you followed what science has long-proven, you can’t by the plethora of non-sensical products available.
    I bought my Iso-Flow about a month ago.
    In fact, I actually used the included Iso-Bow first. the stretch routine is excellent.
    Immediately loved the isometric routine (again with Iso-bow) for I’m fully comfortable with the process.
    Then I moved onto the included iso-flo workout.
    Now ended my 3rd week of the “Blast” routine in the Iso-flow and my wife has noticed the change in my physical appearance (I’m doing the 2x routine. Do a circuit, walk the dogs, do the second one). If you do it right, it’s hard initially as it’s easy to go too hard as you become accustomed to pace.
    It’s a no-brainer for me.
    Note here that I’m no beginner. Middle-aged (50s) but last weekend I did 250 one-arm swings with a 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes. This is above average strength-endurance for my age.
    The iso-flo can still kick my butt.
    Great package. portable with excellent books.
    Cheap, fast, effective…and so well built; designed to last even commercial usage I’d bet.
    I’m saving for the 36″ Bow Classic. My heart remains with the traditional bullworker and my cheap Chinese copy is a poor substitute.

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