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Shape your Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, and Core with the Steel Bow. The Steel Bow is a home or portable workout device to build muscle and achieve total body fitness in only 90 minutes a week!


While the fitness principles for the Steel Bow are the same as the Bow Classic®, the smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, allowing faster, more precise results. The Steel-Bow allows for more routines to be performed, especially those involving Iso-Motion®, where you move through full joint rotation while exercising your muscles.

Included are (5) Interchangeable springs to provide the resistance levels for any muscle group. The Steel-Bow is the ideal product for anyone serious about improving their fitness. The included and revolutionary 30-minute Sit-at-Home Fitness® routine gives you an exercise for your whole body while sitting in a chair. You choose what works for you, 5 different fitness disciplines (Isometric / Isotonic / Resiliency / Endurance / Iso-Motion®). The Steel-Bow allows you to mix and match fitness programs you will never outgrow. Follow the exercises included on the demonstration chart, use it as a guide, or even create your own routine to increase your strength, definition, flexibility, and endurance. Improve your personal health and fitness and succeed with life’s demands without lifting heavy weights.

The Steel Bow® provides you with a complete fitness solution without the need to invest in a gym membership or expensive gym

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions20 × 4 × 4 in

20 reviews for Steel Bow – 20″ Bullworker

  1. Stewart Laing

    This is a serious piece of equipment. Im 54 and have muscular definition better than when I was in my 20’s. You can take it anywhere and the quick change springs help you to challenge different muscle groups.

  2. Sandeep Suryavanshi

    This is the one of the finest total body fitness equipment out there. I don’t have extra time for gym so in search of an alternative I found Bullworker and since then it has become my best friend. Bullworker products are awesome and there is no doubt it will benefit anyone who invest in Bullworker products.

  3. Utah Fanootch (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my Steel Bow for about a year and a half now and I love it. It’s very versatile and with so many workout routines and options, your workouts never get stagnant.

  4. Duane Gray (verified owner)

    It has been almost five years since I first bought a Bullworker Classic. In my opinion I don’t look any different but I sure do feel a lot better. And my strength has improved at least 75%. I was very weak from surgeries and injuries.
    However in the long run I would not trade-in any of my Bullworker products for anything because I have grown to love and trust these products to deliver the results I am looking for. And now that I have increased my strength, I am now focused on toning my body as much as I can.
    Besides the Bullworker Classic, I also have a Bullworker Steel Bow; one Iso Bow; and a host of exercises that came with the product and Bullworker Challenges that will keep me busy for some time while I conquer my goals.
    Thank you both senior and junior Mr. Hughes’

  5. Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

    As the president, and a big believer, I use Bullworker products regularly. I love my Steel Bow as a versatile, stand alone total body muscle targeting device. Specializing in isometrics and the best Bullworker for ISO-MOTION.

    I tend to interchange my Bow Classic and Steel Bow during my workouts with my Steel Bow being preferred for chest compressions, curls, ISO-MOTION exercises, and hip adductions.

  6. Nadim T

    Absolutely LOVE the steel bow. Smaller than the bow classic, but better for travel – this baby goes with me on all international trips. Especially when I don’t have access to a full gym, I really like taking this out and getting a 15-30 min workout in before a work dinner. I’ve even used it at the lounge in an airport #noshame, pretty sure people were jealous because I could work out at the airport and they couldn’t!

  7. Steve Gambhir

    I have been using the Steel Bow for a while. I also have the Classic 36 inch one. They both work will in targeting different muscle group.
    What I like is that I can do this while watching TV or even at the office where I have another pair.

    The customer support is fantastic. Chrisman answered my inquiries promptly!

    Their manual is well laid out and easy to follow!

  8. Richard Gaudet (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I call it « my own little gym » I always bring it with me, with some straps when I travel or go camping. Very versatile piece of equipment. Can be use on vertical, horizontal or oblique plan and I consider them more useful than weights which use only the vertical plan (gravity). It’s a must for senior people who can easily hurt themselves with weights. The Steel Bow , like it’s big brother the Classic Bullworker, is very safe to use.

  9. Grant Hoffman (verified owner)

    I did weights for about 30 years but after a cycling trip away became frustrated that I could not take them with me. So I decided to start looking at alternatives, that were a bit gentler on my body. I did two 30 minutes training sessions a day with weights so I just switched to using the bullworker instead. Every 4 weeks I go to a Physio/manipulator to keep my posture correct. I started with the bullworker 3 weeks before I saw him. I did not tell him that I had changed from Weights. He started prodding my back and then said “whatever you are doing you must be doing something different, as you have really muscled up.” I repeat that I did not tell him, he discovered it by feeling my back and arms.
    In short, I totally believe in this product.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Wow, what an incredible testimony to your efforts! Powerful! Thank you for sharing and best of luck with continued growth!

  10. Tom

    I bought my first bullworker in 1975 and it helped me grow to one of the strongest students in my high school. I recently acquired a steel now and am now 60. Within a few weeks of using it I felt strength returning which in turn helped to increase my testosterone levels that my doctor took note of. Now my 14 year old son has been watching me and when I told him of my history and benefits I enjoyed he wanted to give it a try. I showed him the exercise routine and the rest of the book is being written now. It is safe to say that we are now a multi generation bullworker with no thoughts of looking back. It helped me recover from major back surgery from a workplace accident. It played the biggest key role in my recovery. The steel now is without question the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned! It works superbly is good for all ages, holds up exceptionally to rigorous heavy use and I can not say enough about the steel now and Bullworker. Great product! Outstanding customer service! A product and equipment that is simply the best I have ever used.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Love that generational wisdom and good solid work to stay fit! That is wonderful you had such a great recovery thank you for sharing and your kind words!

  11. Joe Di Donna (verified owner)

    Hi Folks,

    like many people I am in quarantine for the Covid-19 and the best system for being fit is the Bullworker. I have long and short models of Bullworker. It’s excellent for a good training of all muscles moreover in this period in which we cannot go outside for the sport. It’s the best option. I am 62 and very proud to be fit like I am.

  12. Herman Lawrence

    My bullworker is helping me get back in shape after having surgery. I am very thankful for this great pice of kit.

  13. Herman Lawrence

    A great piece of equipment.

  14. Kory D. (verified owner)

    The Bullworker Steel Bow is a solid piece of equipment. I have a job that requires a fair amount of travel. I have long had a home gym and frankly have no desire to go to a commercial gym. While it is not practical to bring weights with me when I travel, the Bullworker Steel Box fits right in my luggage. A fast and intense workout is available to me anytime with just a few feet of floor space. The Bullworker Steel Box is solidly built and contains enough varied resistance springs in the package to provide even the strongest person with a good, solid workout. Try one! You won’t be disappointed!

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing your story. What a fantastic application and challenge you solve with your Steel Bow!

  15. curtis albert veal (verified owner)

    I have owned by BW for 8 years. It is made of quality stuff. I have used it four times a week. BW is really good at keeping informed of new workouts and items they have for sale.

  16. Kevin Loncar

    The steel bow is ideal for many exercises that require a smaller unit. Much nicer than the older versions.

  17. D.A. Bell (verified owner)

    The Steel Bow and the Classic Bow are the two finest pieces of physical fitness equipment I’ve ever used. These two ingenious devices come from a noble lineage going back a half century. Along with the Steel and Classic Bows, I do exercises with my Japanese X-5, another classic from the distinguished Bullworker line. The current Bullworkers are unparalleled in their superb build quality.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing, 3 very powerful products! Huge smiles to hear!

  18. Ronald Ferris

    The finest fitness unit I have found. It is great and it WORKS, assuming that you do.

  19. Barry Stallard (verified owner)

    This is a great piece of equipment. I owned one many years ago when I was in High School and loved it then. Now the new and improved unit(s) are are even better. Unlimited exercises and instructional material that help you to get the most from the unit.

  20. Ed

    I’ve worked out for 45 or more years now. A friend introduced me to the BullWorker in the 1980’s. I was absolutely delighted to have seen your advertising two years or so ago and without hesitation purchased the BullWorker Bow Classic, Steel Bow, IsoBow and accessories. I can personally testify that the BullWorker Bow Classic, Steel Bow, IsoBow and accessories are truly remarkable products and strongly recommended them to supplement any athlete’s or home enthusiast’s fitness program.
    Thank you for these incredible products!
    Ed F.

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