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Strengthen your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Core with one simple fitness device. The Bow Classic is ideal for safe, effective strength building and fat burning at home.


The “Barbell” of the Bullworker® products: The Bow Classic® specializes in muscle power development of the body; Legs / Glutes / Chest / Back. Experience the fastest strength building exercise with the 7-second Isometric hold. Scientifically proven, Isometrics are the fastest strength building exercises you can do. Short on time? The unique “5 in 1” exercise develops the upper body torso in a fraction of the gym requirement time. Include the Bow Extension® for extra extension and Iso-Motion® for enhanced movement. The Bow Classic comes with (5) resistance level springs so anyone can benefit (0-40 lbs, 0-70 lbs, 0-100 lbs, 0-130 lbs & 0-160 lbs). The Bow Classic is ideal for safe, effective strength building and fat burning at home.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions36 × 3 × 2.5 in

53 reviews for Bow Classic – 36″ Bullworker

  1. KJ

    I give the bullworker 5 stars. It is AMAZING and something I should have had all my life. The updated version of the bullworker has really taken it to another level, it still performs like the original one from the seventies, and the ones after that, but the quality has greatly improved. I have to admit the pictures and videos do not render the bullworker justice, you need to see it in person to appreciate the beauty and perfection of this wonderful piece of fitness equipment.
    The fact that there are interchangeable fitness level springs is clearly a bonus. I love the way you can accomplish various forms of exercise in the convenience of your home, or anywhere you choose to be.
    Anyway… just wanted to let people know that the bullworker is an amazing product, and one of the reasons why it is still around in 2017 and years to come.
    It should be called “Bullworker- The Physique Toner/Builder”.

  2. Mike Webinger (verified owner)

    I have been using bullworker since around 2006. Had one when I was a kid, but broke it.
    There service is great & I use it 4 times a week to stay fit. I am 60 years old and love it .
    Thanks Bullworker,

  3. S. Prowse

    Bullworker has become part of my daily routine now and, frankly, I wouldn’t be with out it. Simply put it is the best fitness and strength building device available, it’s easy To use and is extremely well made. I must also mention the after sales service; each month we get a newsletter full of useful tips and advice. I really do feel part of a community. Moreover the bullworker team are continually developing new routes which I very much appreciate. Thank you guys.

  4. Mike Bradbury (verified owner)

    I give Bullworker Classic 5 stars. Bullworker Bow Classic is a great All-Around Fitness product.You have Isometric,Isotonics,and Isomotion all in one with fast results!!!

  5. Chrisman Hughes

    As the president, and a big believer, I use Bullworker products regularly. I find the Bow Classic to be exactly that, the classic. The original Bullworker was a huge success for one reason, it works and it works fast!

    When it comes to a one stop shop the Bow Classic suits all of your needs.

    Science does not lie and the complete fitness routines you can do targeting any muscle makes the Bow Classic an easy win!

  6. Jon A Kairot

    I ordered the spiral bound book for the classic Bullworker and it is so much easier to use then the wall charts that came with the unit. I had an original Bullworker classic which I purchased many years ago. In moving cross country several times it disappeared and with raising a family and everything else got away from any exercise at all. I’m now 72 years old and have joined a gym for my cardio. I will be using the Bullworker here at home for my strength training. Looking to improve myself as much as possible.
    I appreciate the quick response to any questions that I have had and the speed with which I received the new manual.

  7. ALEXANDROS STARTSIOS (verified owner)

    Excellent instrument for my work out I use the bullworker classic when i am on the Vessels and i dont have gym room on board. I am very satisfied with bUllworker. 5 stars by me.Thank you.

  8. Chuck Tilbe

    I have been a Bullworker user for about 40 years or so, wow do I feel old. The Bullworker Classic is definitely the best Bullworker I have used. Very smooth well thought out unit.

  9. David Dupont

    I’m 59 and have been using the Bullworker since I was around 17. This new version is great. Big improvement from the original. For the upper body it’s the best device I’ve ever used. I’ve received many compliments on my physique and it’s all due to the Bullworker.

  10. Tommy Healey can’t see what I am writing in the review (verified owner)

    I purchased my first bullworker back in the

  11. Dave

    Great bit of kit the new Bullworker got the original one in 1970 but lost it in a move.When i retired try to buy a BW but had to buy anouther brand that was nowhere near the quality and packed up after 3 years.

  12. Tony Craddock

    I have a Bullworker Classic and Steel Bow. Depending on the program I am following I use them between 3 and 6 days a week. My workouts are always enjoyable and productive! At 55 I am stronger than most men half my age and feel good. The products are well made and durable. The support is first class, and I recommend the Bullworker System to anyone considering using it!

  13. Dave

    Great bit of kit the new Bullworker got the original one in 1970 but lost it in a move.When i retired try to buy a BW but had to buy another brand that was nowhere near the quality and packed up after 3 years.A month after I retired I was diagnosed with parkinsons Ive seen many consultants and have been told that my workouts are keeping me fit and slowing down my illness. At 68 I can workout as hard as I feel comfortable with.Thanks BW.

  14. Don Parker

    Received my Bow Classic w/ext last week. The product was shipped promptly, and arrived in perfect condition. Got a welcome e-mail the same day asking if I had any questions. I previously owned a bow classic decades ago, and this new one with 5 different spring resistance levels, is significantly better. I will be ordering the isobow shortly to enhance exercise variety and function. Nice to see that you continuously add complimentary products to your line. All it takes is a little imagination since the bullworker adapts so well to the human body. Looking forward to many years of use.

  15. Peter Roberts

    hi all the new bws are great ,and with interchangeable springs are versatile.May i also sat the isoflo is wonderful, any exercise can be done with exact precision,to exact body part lengths..Plus easy to use for ALL for ms of exercise.T he icing on the cake is the great friendly service,actually feel like part of the bw family.Finally the tutorials are great catering for any fitness goals.also try marlons books amazing.i had a bw years ago now wish i’d kept on using ,rather than weight


    It has a very smooth action and is a good well made product, Lacks the movement range of the X5 and it warrants a new model encompassing the benefits of both.

  17. Bob Rust

    I’ve been using a Bullworker since 1975. It rules my world.

  18. Harvey (verified owner)

    Can do good upper body exercise routine in about 10 minutes. Use combination of repetition and isometric.

  19. Patricia

    Having bought this for my husband who enjoyed one of these in the 70’s and saw the results they are much improved and of even greater benefit to maintain your muscle strength as you age.
    Still a great product

  20. Paul S. (verified owner)

    Wow, even better than the Bullworker I owned in the 70s!!! I gave it to my brother, who is still using to this day. I’m 67 and have been lifting weights most of my life. After only two weeks of use I am thoroughly impressed with how effective the Bullworker is in targeting all muscle groups. One potential upgrade, as an older man, my grip isn’t what it used to be. I find it difficult to grip the barrel portion of the Bullworker and perform any compression type exercises as my hands slip on the smooth chrome finish. Maybe the existing finish could be textured to enhance gripping. I still love it!!!
    Thank you,
    P.S. once my brother saw my new Bullworker, he decided to immediately update..

  21. Jai (verified owner)

    perfect for stay at home lock down scnearios

  22. Mike Malone

    I started with the Steel Bow (3 springs) and the full set of straps including the Iso-Bow. Between the Steel Bow and the various straps, I was able to essentially create the poor man’s Classic Bow, yet able to work all muscle groups with similar effects if I was only using a Classic Bow. When I DID purchase the Classic Bow (with 3 springs) , it meant I could practically eliminate the strap/steel bow attaching and do the exercises using either the Steel Bow OR the Classic Bow. Optionally, I could still do strap/bow combinations or use the straps strictly for Iso-Motion. Having all of these items plus hand grips and an ab wheel, I am able to do a pretty complete workout.
    Quality wise, the Steel Bow and the Classic Bow (each with 3 springs), the straps and the Iso-Bow are top notch. Worth every penny.

  23. John Leo Bertolini

    Had my first Bullworker in 1974. it gave me great results and opened a whole new way to workout for me. Since then, I have purchased a number of them at garage sales, flee markets etc. I would modify them by adding spring blocks inside to make it tougher and I would glue rubber tubing around the cable to give me a better grip. As I got older and began bodybuilding with weights, I kept the Bullworker around and used it when I was injured to help me recover. As I grew even older, I purchased your latest model and noticed that it had all the improvements I added to the older models. Its a great way to supplement regular training and it is very effective. Thank you.

  24. Gary Brownlee (verified owner)

    It is an original not a knock off so it has a reputation to keep. Thus, very durablle and easy to use. Great product

  25. Jerry Zaccheo (verified owner)

    The version of the Bullworker Bow Classic which I purchased in October of 2017 has movable rubber hand grips mounted onto the cables on each side of the device: two grips on one cable, and one grip on the other. It came supplied with 50-lb. and 100-lb. interchangeable springs. Back in the 1960s I had owned the original version of the Bullworker when it was designated the “Tensolator”—even then it offered a very productive workout.

    Now Hughes Marketing LLC has modernized this time-proven apparatus for the 21st century. The Bullworker Bow Classic is a hefty, robust piece of equipment which is very well-made and of high quality construction. Upon picking one up, you can immediately feel that this is one serious, solid device. It functions quite smoothly, and the interchangeable springs make it even more versatile. The Bullworker strikes me as something both simple and ingenious at the same time. I can’t think of a more effective way to perform isometric exercises. Currently I employ the Bullworker in a limited capacity for its isometric function with several upper-body exercises to supplement a basic weight training routine.

    I am extremely pleased with the current Bullworker model, and I can honestly say that I have no negative findings to report. Also, I personally found Hughes Marketing LLC to be a splendid company to deal with.

  26. Pete Hunt (verified owner)

    Love the Bullworker, I’ve had one since I was in my teens and am now in my late 50s. Great way to stay in shape and stay toned. Highly recommend! 5 Stars!

  27. Pete Hunt (verified owner)

    Love the Bullworker! I have owned one since my teens and am now in my late fifties. It is a great way to stay fit and toned. You can take it anywhere and get a full body workout. 5 Stars, highly recommend!

  28. jules federman (verified owner)

    new version so much better than old ones, smooth and better grips/

  29. GS (verified owner)

    This is a really well-made product. Although the original bullworker of the 1960s was a nice device for its time, the current edition stands head and shoulders above it in terms of quality and versatility. The construction is top notch and heavy-duty throughout. The availability of five springs to select the correct tension for a specific exercise is a superb upgrade.

    My only caution would be to understand the purpose for which you are purchasing a bullworker. In my younger years, I engaged in bodybuilding for many decades, which involved predominately free weights, and machines here and there. Now in my sixties, my joints thank me for having gradually switched over to body weight exercises, admixed with a number of exercises performed on a relatively early edition of the bowflex (one with power rods). I find the bullworker to be a superb addition to those 2 groups of exercises. I myself would be hard-pressed to use the bullworker as my only exercise equipment, but I love it as an addition to what I already have. I use the bullworker predominantly as a “finisher”, to force out 10 or so isotonic contractions, and a single isometric hold, for a multitude of exercises.

    The bullworker is a wonderful strengthening device, particularly for the upper body, and I find it substitutes superbly for a large number of exercises for which I would have to buy a lot of additional equipment. I can simulate chest flies, shoulder flies, curling movements, pressing movements, abdominal contractions, leg abduction, leg adduction, etc, etc, at multiple angles that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to attain with conventional equipment. In addition, in the presence of a muscle or tendon strain, it is wonderful having the bullworker as a substitute until healing is complete; I can apply just the right amount of tension to retain strength and stimulate healing, without further injury, until I am at 100%.

    Before purchasing, it is a good idea to watch several videos to see what the bullworker can and cannot do. In particular, I found the videos at this website ( helpful. In addition, a number of videos posted to youtube by “Machismo” are realistic, honest, and exceedingly helpful with regard to expectations, particularly where leg training is concerned.

    In short, the modern bullworker boasts bombproof construction, and much-improved versatility. I am very pleased with my purchase!

  30. Aalf Molenberg

    So simple and easy to use, I am 81 and it a real blessing to me for it keeps me in shape.

  31. brian mackwood

    I want to thank you for the charts, made a abig difference.I started using the
    bull worker in Saudia Arabia in the sixties and it works.I am in my late seventies
    and it what I need,It is great for older people.I am on my third week and already
    feel and see the difference.
    Thank you,
    . Brian Mackwood

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      You are welcome, thank you Brian! Very happy to hear you are seeing the results of your efforts! Keep up the good work!

  32. David B.

    Both the Bullworker Bow Classic and Steel Bow are terrific. I am 75 years old, a 2d Degree Black Belt (Taekwondo), marathoner, and century cyclist. Due to health conditions, I was unable to exercise for a significant period. When I finally could exercise, I could not go to a health club due to the Corona Virus and needed to find a method of regaining muscular strength, conditioning, and definition at home. I discovered the Bullworker online and after reading several reviews decided to buy the Steel Bow.
    After a relatively short period, my upper body muscles and arms started to regain size and definition. I quickly recommended the device to many friends. I was so satisfied with the Steel Bow that I bought the Bow Classic which provides a better workout for the legs. I supplement both devices with the Iso-Bow, all of which enable me to obtain a very thorough workout.
    The Bullworker company has demonstrated its reliability. My Steel Bow and Iso-Bow arrived with manuals, whereas the Bow Classic did not. The company immediately remedied the situation after I sent it an e-mail.

  33. Louise

    The Bullworker Classic is an incredible device! I am a 4’11” bodybuilder with a 59″ arm span and was worried that I would be too short to use this device, but with the reassurance from customer service (thank you, Seth) I went ahead and purchased it. I am seeing more results in toning and definition with this easy to use tool in places than what I achieved with weightlifting on its own. This tool allows me to really push and pull with as much or little effort as I’d like and at my size, I have a long way to go before I can max out the springs on this device. This device is sleek, streamlined and lightweight and I love the fact that it comes with a case for travel. I bought this before Shelter in Place was extended in California, and gosh am I thankful that I’ve had this all of these weeks. Working out with the Bow Classic keeps my physique toned and feminine and after a few more months of using this, I look forward to submitting my photo and becoming a Bullworker success story. Thanks a billion, Bullworker!!! I wish your company continued success and I’m sure to use this small and mighty device for years to come!! There’s nothing more satisfying (other than an ice cream sundae or burgers) than pushing and pulling this device and breaking a sweat! -Louise

  34. Ed M

    Searched online for the best isometric/isotonic device post March 17/Covid 19 closings to replace my regular gym/weightlifting facility. The Bullworker continued to be recommended above all others. I ordered the Bullworker Classic to help continue my 48 years of weekly weightlifting sessions (since 1972). Could not have purchased a better substitute to regular free weights and static machines found in a gym.

  35. Christopher N. Poulos (verified owner)

    I used a Bullworker back in the 1970s, and it was lost in one of my many moves. I’m so happy to have a new (nicely upgraded, but not too much!) model. I’ve incorporated it into my daily workouts, and I’m starting to feel (and see) results. I highly recommend the Bullworker as a central part of any home gym.

  36. John Hicks

    The Bullworker is a great piece of equipment. I use it about 4 times a week for close to 25 minutes and I get a very efficient and solid workout.

  37. Bill Grover

    Did not select to correct rating for this product when I finished my initial review.

    When I was 12 years old, I was a runt and was constantly picked on and bullied. Discovered the bull worker in, I think, 1964!!! This was then, I believe, a piece of fitness equipment developed by a body builder whose name was Jim Weider(?). With a growth spurt of about 12 inches and a devotion to my workouts, I gained 30+ pounds of muscle and lots of self confidence. Now I am 70 years old and I was not pleased with my overall physical well being nor diminished strength and endurance. So, ordered and just received by Bull worker Basic and all the benefits and merits of the routines came flooding from my youth. I have re-dedicated myself to this bull worker because I know I will get tremendous results

  38. Pat Wallace

    I got my first Bullworker in 1972 and actually took it on my honeymoon in Bermuda. I previously sent a confirming picture to Chrisman about this Used it for many years until we had kids and then switched to weights. Getting back into shape I found that Bullworker was still producing and I ordered the Bullworker Classic. I love the simple design, the flexibility, sturdy quality, and improvisation available. Lost 20 lbs. during the COVID isolation and I’m gaining strength & muscle definition. Best fitness product out there!

  39. Chris Bowman

    I received the Bow Classic recently, it’s great and very effective on it’s own and or in conjunction with other exercise routines that include Steel Bow and or Iso Flo. Highly recommended.

  40. James SPIERS

    At the age of 78yrs I was self isolated at home during this Corona virus and needed to exercise to stay healthy and have flexibility. I did have one of the old Bullworkers with the green handles many years ago so I treated myself to a new Classic Bow with all the different springs. It has been an absolute godsend and even sorted out a minor back problem I had from me sitting around too long. Now i can use my Classic Bow inside or out, whatever the weather and standing up or sitting down , I cal always have a session even if it is only for five minutes.

  41. Eric B. Gainz

    No Gym No Problem, with the Bull worker Classic an the Exercise Guide provided with purchase you can keep making Gainz Even if you’re sitting down watching TV you can still get your work out in how sweet is that? All right People let’s get theses GAINZ

  42. Daniel DeBroux

    Got my bullworker since the beginning of April 2020, and LOVE it, just as much as I did when I was in my teens 40 years ago. Allows me to do an iso workout during stay at home, I know I’ll continue to use this dynamic piece of equipment for years to come. Thank you bullworker for staying in business for so long. You were there for me in my teens and now!!

  43. Bruce Kupper

    Have A Bullworker 2 & 3
    I’m 61 Now & Have Been Working Out With It Since 1972
    I’ts The Real Deal….!!
    Nothing Compares…..This Is Genius….!!
    I will Eventually Purchase Your Current Models
    A Pleasure Knowing You, Seth…!
    Thanks For All Your Help…
    Be Safe

  44. Jeff Bushnell

    I’ve owned the Bullworker Bow Classic for close to 40 years, I can’t say enough good about this amazing product. I started with an older model, which I used for many years, a few years ago I upgraded to the current Bow Classic – that model is a significant improvement in terms of both quality and appeal. Because of my love for the Bow Classic my wife also purchased the Steel Bow, she’s not as diligent as I’ve been but she loves the product. I can say that the Bullworker has been a significant part of my exercise regimen for many years. The design is amazing and the ease of use is phenomenal.

  45. Lyndon Morgans

    I was originally carrying out some research on obtaining some equipment for upper body chest work and looking at various bits of kit when I came across Bullworker which I recall was big back in its day and still has a large following. I emailed Christian of Bullworker and he answered my questions and was very proactive which gave me confidence so I purchased the Bow Classic. When it arrived it was well packaged. It comes in a very nice bag that contains the springs making it very portable. The unit it self is built to a very high standard and feels solid. The handles feels nice once gripped and comfortable. As I work away quite a bit ill be purchasing the smaller version Steel Bow which I will take on my travels and holidays as for me this device is for the long term. Thank you all at Bullworker for customer satisfaction and inspiring training videos

  46. Trevor Hall

    Having used the Bullworker X5 for many years I decided to upgrade to the Bow Classic and it’s the best decision I’ve made in years. Build quality and materials used are of the highest standard not found in other products. With the additional springs for continued strength building this Bullworker will last a life time. The revamped exercises and structured exercise plan shows how well thought out this Bullworker is. Well done Bullworker.

  47. Noah Z

    The Bullworker is elegantly designed and, despite its apparent simplicity, capable of helping develop all the major muscle groups. Its compact size allows it to stay by my side while I work—from home of course—where it is easily reached when I need to do something physical. Very glad to have one after having first heard of it many years ago, when, as a teenager, I began to exercise.

  48. Robert

    The Bullworker Classic is a great safe way to exercise for this 71 year old latecomer to physical fitness! Absolutely no regrets about my purchase. Well made and worth every penny!

  49. Ian Perrett

    Like many I had a Bullworker back in the 70’s but it has come along way since those days, the build quality is excellent on everything in the Power Pack bundle!
    While I have had all the kit since the 22nd June 20, I opted for reading all of the books several times and practice some of the exercise techniques to ensure I was doing it the rightway.
    I actually began the 90 day program on the 8th July 20 so I am in my first week but I can already feel the benefits of the Cĺassic Bow. I am really looking forward to all the other benefits I will experience with this equipment and leaving a more comprehensive review.
    It is excellent value for money!

  50. Sandy

    I owned two bullworker classic in the last 42 years I love them I take them to my cabin in the country work out outdoors

  51. Jacob Amrani (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with the Bullworker. I started my training in high school with a Bullworker 40 years ago. I returned due to gym closures because of Covid and bought a Steel-Bow for my wife. Between our Bullworkers and 2 Gliders we purchased for cardio, we don’t think we will be returning to the gym after the pandemic, especially since the Bullworkers are portable for when we can travel again.

  52. Tom B.

    I had Bullworker back in the 70’s and was amazed at the workout I got with it. It gave me fantastic gains in a short time. I bought the new Classic Bullworker and noticed how well it is made. The ability to change springs will give it many years of of service. There are so many more exercises than back in the 70’s. It is now a part of my daily exercise routine. I am a true fan.Thank you for making quality products and standing behind them.

  53. Bruce Uhalley (verified owner)

    First class business. I recently told one of my close friends for many years, that it is sorta unreal that I am using my bullworker(s) in my room, over the age of 60, just like I did, when I was 15 years old, living with my parents. The Bow Classic and the Steel Bow both work, just like the barbell and dumbbell at the gym. After a lifetime of working out, I highly recommend this equipment, along with the business. They are truly first class on helping out and getting the orders to you.

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