Bow Classic


(102 customer reviews)

Bow Classic


(102 customer reviews)

The Bow Classic 36″ Bullworker


(102 customer reviews)
  • Engage more muscle fibers and build strength up to 66% faster than traditional weight lifting with isometric strength training
  • Strengthen your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Core with one simple fitness device.
  • Ideal low impact exercise for safe, effective strength training and fat burning to tone your body at home or on the go

Product Specifications

Your Bow Classic Includes

  • 5 interchangeable springs (0 – 40 lbs, 0 – 70 lbs, 0 – 100 lbs, 0 – 130 lbs. & 0 – 160 lbs)
  • Canvas carrying case
  • 90 day routine & instruction manual
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • 2 removable cable grips

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 2.5 in

90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

 build strength up to 66% faster with isometrics

Resisted Crunch Strong Core Exercise

See the Bow Classic in action

The barbell of the Bullworker lineup, the Bow Classic specializes in muscle power development of your body; legs, glutes, chest, back, arms, shoulders, core and more. 

Save your time and achieve better results with Bullworker 7-second isometric holds.

Take your Bow Classic anywhere and accomplish your fitness goals. The Bow Classic gives you customized resistance and makes it simple for any fitness level to build strength, tone your body, and improve your cardiovascular health with one simple and compact device so you can train anywhere.


What people are saying about the Bow Classic

(102 customer reviews)

I am seeing more results in toning and definition with this easy to use tool in places than what I achieved with weightlifting on its own. This tool allows me to really push and pull with as much or little effort as I’d like and at my size, I have a long way to go before I can max out the springs on this device.


Searched online for the best isometric device post Covid 19 closings to replace my regular gym/weightlifting facility. The Bullworker continued to be recommended above all others. I could not have purchased a better substitute to regular free weights and static machines found in a gym.

Ed M.

I used a Bullworker back in the 1970s, and it was lost in one of my many moves. I’m so happy to have a new model. I’ve incorporated it into my daily workouts, and I’m starting to feel (and see) results. I highly recommend the Bullworker as a central part of any home gym.

Christopher Poulos

The Bow Classic 36″ Bullworker

The perfect all-around tool for any fitness level. The Bow Classic’s flexible resistance, and ease of use allows anyone to hit their fitness goals at their own comfort level.

Think of the Bow Classic as the Bullworker “barbell.” It gives you more size, resistance, and muscle power exercises for a total body blast.

Hit a wide variety of isometric and isotonic workouts proven effective through evidence-based techniques. With interchangeable springs, the Bow Classic provides complete control over resistance to get the most out of your workout.

Bow Classic – 36″ Bullworker Reviews

102 reviews for Bow Classic - 36" Bullworker

  1. michael jones

    I love the bullworkers.. i remebered the ads from the 70s im 61 and i. use to lift weights but now with a bad back the bullworker is the way to go…i bought the classic and the bow with charts and 2 springs for the bow used for $250.00 in a like new condtion …i often wonder how strong i could have been if i have used the bullworker with free weights..i was 125 lbs and benching 225 at 16 years old. now i just want to be strong and in shape.

  2. Mike

    Im 61 with a bad back but I can easily work out with the classic & the bullworker bow..I can see & feel the differance..I remember the bullworkers from the 60’s & 70’s still enjoy the workouts & it beats the gym.

  3. Kouichi Sorimachi

    Iam japanese
    Good machine !
    Good  life

  4. Paul West

    Bought myself the classic to rebuild my fitness.
    I am a 67 male next Oct, 2021 and still working
    Really enjoying the exercises and been able to switch between springs is helping me alot. After a day at work, it helps to wind down, following the exercise plan. A great piece of kit.


    The bullworker bow classic is a fantastic product. I am now 73 years of age and use it regularly, so much so that i no longer go to the health club. My risk of damage to muscles is a lot less and many people compliment me on my shape and muscle tone. Covid changed my workout regime significantly and i am so happy that i bought this great product. It works and the customer service is outstanding. I just purchased the Iso-Flo to hit the muscles from different angles and that is working also. Highly recommend the bullworker products and company

  6. David Lee

    Excellent piece of kit I found it easy to work with and fun to use and when I go away I take my iso bow.Dont buy a cheaper copy it wont match up to the original. Im 69 and try to use it daily to keep me fit and flexible.

  7. DAVID K ELKINS (verified owner)

    It works, if one works it!

  8. John Bordonero

    Fantastic device, I’ve been using sincec1974, now 60. This new one with different springs gives more versatility. Bullworker always gives me confidence. Knowing that all mucpscles have used..

  9. David Brechin

    I’ve had mine since the 80is still going strong pity not using it all the time

  10. Alan (verified owner)

    Great fitness adjunct! I enjoyed the bullworker in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I was delighted with starting again last July with the Bow Classic. They have been great exercise equipments for me as a teen, in my twenties, and now in my sixties. Thanks

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