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  • SaleBow Classic S3 Isometric Exercise Device

    Bow Classic® – 36″ Bullworker®

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  • SaleSteel Bow 20" Bullworker

    Steel Bow® – 20″ Bullworker®

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  • SaleISO-FLO isometric exercise equipment and suspension trainer

    ISO-FLO® | Bow Extension®

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  • SaleBullworker Power Pack Complete Home Gym Cross Training

    Power Pack

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  • Saleisometric strength training

    ISO-BOW Pair

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  • Bullworker Bow Basic 28" Isometric Strength Training

    Bow Basic – 28″ Bullworker – Redefining Fitness

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  • SaleBullworker Classic Flo Combo

    Classic FLO Combo

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  • SaleBullworker Steel Bow and ISO-FLO Combo

    Steel FLO Combo

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  • Bullworker Bow Classic and ISO-BOWs

    Bow Classic + ISO-BOWS

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  • SaleBullworker Steel Bow and ISO-BOWs

    Steel Bow + Iso-Bows

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  • SaleBullworker Pro Pair

    Bullworker Pro Pair (Dumbbell & Barbell) + ISO-BOWS

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Isometric Training Equipment

Increase your flexibility and endurance while sculpting and toning your muscles with isometric strength training. We offer a wide variety of isometric training equipment. Whether you want to work out at home, at the park, in a hotel room, or anywhere else, Bullworker is here to help with products like ISO-BOW®, ISO-FLO®, and the Steel Bow and Bow Classic.

We’ve used advanced technology and materials to create our isometric training equipment. All of our products are lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go, providing you with the flexibility you need to attain your goals and maintain a steady exercise routine. No matter where you go, you can take Bullworker with you! So shop now, and make sure you’re equipped for your next workout – wherever it may be!

What is Isometric Training?

Isometric training is a type of strength training that involves exerting tension by flexing the muscles, but with minimal movement of the muscle itself. For example, an ab plank is an isometric exercise, while a sit-up, which involves muscle lengthening and shortening the muscle, is not an isometric exercise. This type of “static contraction” is a great way to help improve your muscular endurance, recruit more muscle fibers, and enhance your flexibility ultimately building strength faster than any other technique.

Isometric training is a key technique and can be complimented with traditional isotonic strength training and cardiovascular workouts to reach your full athletic potential. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a yoga enthusiast, a runner, or you’re looking to lose weight and improve your overall fitness, isometric equipment from Bullworker is an investment you will not regret.

Browse Our Isometric Training Equipment Today

At Bullworker, we’ve been redefining fitness for over 50 years – creating cutting-edge products that utilize the latest advances in sports science and medicine, and helping our customers achieve total body fitness. With isometric training equipment, you can improve your health and fitness through a variety of simple exercises that fit your schedule.

We offer a variety of isometric equipment to help you accomplish your exercise goals. The ISO-FLO® is designed to help build muscle with flexible levels of resistance and a design allowing for a broad range of exercise techniques including isometric static holds as well as isotonic contractions for exercises like the chest compression, back rows, bicep curls, and much more.