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Bow Classic – 36″ Bullworker

The barbell of Bullworker, specializes in muscle power development; Build your chest, sculpt your back, tone your abs, strengthen your shoulders, and shape your legs with one simple fitness device. Ideal for safe, fast strength training and fat burning at home or on the go. The Bow Classic uses proven 7-second isometric holds to engage more muscle fibers than lifting weights and are up to 66% faster when it comes to building stronger muscles.

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Increase Your Strength

Proven To Build Stronger Muscles Faster Using Isometric Exercise Principles

All Fitness Levels

Increase Your Muscular Strength and Burn Fat in Minutes, Anywhere

Tone Your Body

Target Your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Abs, and Legs For Optimum Results


Yes, the Bow Classic is designed for all fitness levels with customized resistance to target your muscles and grow with you.

  • Safer than heavy weights with low impact training

  • Convenient exercise for your back, legs, abs, chest, and arms

  • Use anywhere: home, office and perfect for traveling

  • Tone your body and improve your stamina. Whether you are focused on high reps or muscle building with slow deep holds. Bow Classic customizes to your needs

What is included?

  • Bow Classic all steel construction with contoured grips for added comfort
  • Two interchangeable resistance springs
  • Non slip pad
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Free carrying case
  • 5 year warranty
*add the Bow Extension to enhance your movement and Bullworker experience.
No more excuses, the Steel Bow is simple and fast. Start today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee

The “Barbell” of the Bullworker® products: The Bow Classic® specializes in muscle power development of the body; Legs / Glutes / Chest / Back. Experience the fastest strength building exercise with the 7-second Isometric hold. Scientifically proven, Isometrics are the fastest strength building exercises you can do. Short on time? The unique “5 in 1” exercise develops the upper body torso in a fraction of the gym requirement time. Include the Bow Extension® for extra extension and Iso-Motion® for enhanced movement. The Bow Classic comes with (2) resistance level springs so anyone can benefit (0-50 lbs & 0-100 lbs). The Bow Classic is ideal for safe, effective strength building and fat burning at home.