Bullworker New Year Challenge: A Fitter You in 2022

2022 is going to be powerful and making the decision to be intentional about your health and wellness may be the best decision you make all year. 

At Bullworker our mission is to enhance quality of life around the world by providing wise solutions to wellness. Your success is our goal. 

Welcome to the Bullworker Family and one of our favorite events of the year! The inspiration shared from you all during this journey is always motivating and the transformations at the end of the next 90 days show it! 


Photo & Measurements

Take a photo you are comfortable sharing with the official placard clearly visible. Take your measurements. Send your photo and measurements to info@bullworker.com.

Measurements. The important part to measuring is to stay consistent. Try the best you can to replicate the conditions each time.

Weight: In pounds please

Chest: take a measuring tape or string (measure the string afterwards) and measure around your chest. 

Waist: Around your navel/belly button

Biceps: Flexing, around your arm.

Triceps: Extend your arm fully to flex your tricep and measure around your arm.

 *To the right is an example from last year’s winner.



Bullworker 2021 New Year Challenge Winner

Get Fit and Win!

We took a vote to hear what you all wanted this year for the prize(s) and we are pleased with the results. 

We are excited about our new S3 range of Bullworkers and this year you can win them! 

1st Place: S3 Power Pack

2nd Place: S3 of your choosing

3rd Place: Bow Basic S3

4th Place: ISO-FLO 

5th Place: ISO-BOW Pro Pair

6th – 10th Place: ISO-BOW


Seated Deadlifts for Strong Core
Bullworker Isometric Fitness Challenge

How the New Year Challenge works

Entrance photos with the authentication placard along with your measurements will be submitted January 1st or later (you may join anytime). 

You must use a Bullworker product(s) in your program and may follow any routine that fits your lifestyle. Find this year’s routine here (coming soon).

On March 31 of 2022 you will show off your transformation by submitting your new photo (with the authentication placard) and measurements.

We will post your official challenge cards to the private Bullwoker Fit Facebook group.

This year a panel of judges will decide the winners. 


Perspective is key

We want everyone to remmebr the real reason of this challenge is not to win or give away prizes. The real purpose and reward are all of the positive transformations you make. You will feel better, look stronger, and have an energy that radiates a healthier more intentional you.

Best of luck to everyone and remember, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and share your progress. Most of all, let’s keep this a positive and joyful journey.