Iso Bow Pro Pair

Improve your flexibility for greater range of motion and tension relief with enhanced stretching.

Strengthen your muscles and tone your body using controlled resistance training.

Use Isometric exercises to engage more muscle fibers and are up to 66% faster at building strength than lifting weights.

Save with the ISO-BOW Pro Pair and take your routines to the next level with partner work, give one to a friend, or take one to the office.

Buy with confidence; Bullworker promises to improve your quality of life or your money back with our 90 Day Guarantee

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isometric strength training


Bullworker ISO Bow

Enhance stretching with your comfort grip handles and durable straps fit for any fitness level and lifestyle


Bullworker ISO Bow

Strengthen your natural range of motion and improve your mobility using Iso-Motion and controlled resistance


Bullworker ISO Bow

Increase Your Muscular Strength and Burn Fat in Minutes, Anywhere

Why The Iso-Bow?

Portable, Convenient and Durable!

Fast routines – Free videos to help you reach your goals

Low impact training is safer than lifting weights

Isometrics are the fastest way to build strength

You control the resistance, you control the results

Simple for all fitness levels to build strength, tone your body, and improve your cardiovascular health

Iso-Bow is a convenient fitness device designed to enhance your stretches to increase your flexibility, give you effective resistance training to strengthen your muscles, and burn calories to reduce fat and tone your body.

 A sturdy, non-stretch nylon strap with rotating handles, the Iso-Bow fits in a pocket, purse or bag and is always available for fitness whether you are at home or on the go!

Improve Mental Health | Lower Stress Levels | Release Tension | Relieve Pain | Improve Posture | Speed Up Training Recovery

What are Your Fitness Goals?

Increase Your Strength with Isometrics

Enhance Your Daily Movement Performance with Iso-Motion

Muscle Definition with Isotonic Exercise

Improve Your Cardio and Recovery with Resiliency Training

5 Year Warranty

 Start today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee

The Iso-Bow – “Simply Powerful”®

$35.98 $29.99Read more

*The Iso-Bow is designed as a static fitness device giving you controlled resistance and durability – DOES NOT STRETCH because elastic/stretch does not give you controlled resistance and will break.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, the Iso-Bow® fits everyone’s lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for increase strength, tone, improve endurance, or enhance flexibility, the Iso-Bow® will provide portable, convenient exercise that delivers results. You can use it as your primary fitness device, supplement the power of Iso-Motion® to enhance your normal fitness routine, or use it as a stretching tool. Your imagination is truly the limit.

Iso-Bow® is the ultimate “fitness companion” it literally can go anywhere you do and provide maximum performance in any fitness discipline you choose. From enhanced stretches to total muscle exhaustion from Iso-Motion® movements, the Iso-Bow delivers any form of Iso-Fitness™ the user desires. A sturdy, non-stretch nylon strap with rotating handles, the Iso-Bow fits in a pocket, purse or bag and is always available for fitness on the go!!!