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ISO-BOW Pro Pair

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  • Enhance your flexibility and relieve tension with improved stretches
  • Strengthen your muscles faster with isometric resistance training
  • Burn calories and tone your body
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee & 5 Year Warranty

Improve Mental Health | Lower Stress Levels | Release Tension | Relieve Pain | Improve Posture | Speed Up Training Recovery

Product details

Improve your flexibility for greater range of motion and tension relief with enhanced stretching.

Use Isometric exercises to engage more muscle fibers and are up to 66% faster at building strength than lifting weights.

Save with the ISO-BOW Pro Pair and take your routines to the next level with partner work, give one to a friend, or take one to the office.

Your ultimate fitness companion can literally go anywhere you do and provide maximum performance in any fitness discipline you choose. Enjoy enhanced stretches to total muscle exhaustion and Iso-Motion® movements for movement performance in everyday life.

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Golf, Strength Training or any of your exercise needs.

Buy with confidence; Bullworker promises to improve your quality of life or your money back with our 90 Day Guarantee

*The Iso-Bow is designed as a static fitness device giving you controlled resistance and durability – DOES NOT STRETCH because elastic/stretch does not give you controlled resistance and will break. We also provide videos and exercise charts to help you reach your goals.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

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5-Year Warranty

ISO-BOW Pro Pair Reviews

6 reviews for ISO-BOW Pro Pair

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Well made simple exercise device that uses your own body weight to help build muscle and improve flexibility. Great for pre and post exercise stretching. I am 71 years old and find the ISO-BOW’s ease of use to be beneficial and safe. Recommended; as are the other well made Bullworker products I have purchased direct from their website. Plenty of great and free info. is also available on their website on how to use their equipment; along with polite customer service. Some of the best money I have ever spent!

  2. Enrique Dimaano

    I placed an ISO-Bow in each of my two cars. Whenever I drive on the way to work during rush hour, I use the ISO-Bow, doing various isometric exercises at 10 seconds each while waiting for the green light in intersections. Using the ISO-Bow increases blood flow not only in the affected muscles but throughout my body and brain, making me primed for office work and meetings. I also noticed that using ISO-Bow has increased my strength because I am able to lift more weight in the gym. When I travel abroad, I never fail to bring my ISO-Bow as it is so small, light and convenient to include in the luggage. I get optimum results from such a small equipment and I never regretted buying it.

  3. Brian

    Exremely versatile training tool.

  4. Glenn Lefkof

    The Iso-Bow is a terrific, unique, and effective exercise tool. It’s an isometric exercise fundamentally, where you arms are holding two ends of handles connected to a strong material about a foot in length. As you pull, the ends apart you are working your muscles. And then you can more your arms and wrists while maintaining that force. You can rotate your arms in big circles around your head, or in small circles. You can press the arms in front of you in opposite direction so now you are pressing instead of pulling. The movements of your arms around your body are practically infinite in possibilities, so every time you use the Iso-Bow you are doing something somewhat different. So this is one thing that makes the Iso-Bow unique in that the Iso-Bow adapts to you. So many exercise tools force you to adapt to the tool. The Iso-Bow adapts and changes with how you feel. I like taking the Iso-Bow behind my back and pull it in different directions. I like ending my arms behind my back and raising my arms over my head for an upper back stretch with the arms. The Iso-Bow is light and indestructible through normal use. It doesn’t fall apart no matter how much force you can use to pull it or push it. It’s truly an incredible tool for the money. It’s an effective and brilliant exercise tool. I live the Iso Bow. And I’ve given one to a friend and she loves it too and keeps using it because it’s fun, effective, and quick. It can be used by men and women alike with great results.

  5. Dan Burke

    I’m a big fan of the isobow. I have four and am always using it. I often walk around using it. There are so many uses and it is so portable. I love isomotion and alternate the pulling and pushing motions. My favorite workout is to do two minutes of running in place followed by two minutes of isomotion for an half hour. May be the best overall fitness product ever!

  6. Chrisman Hughes

    As the president and someone who uses Bullworker products regularly, this is the only Bullworker product I use EVERYDAY.

    The power of 2 ISO-BOWs gives you the ability to perform partner work, double stretching, pull-ups, keep one at the office, one at the house, or even gift one.

    The 5 minute stretch routine is part of my morning ritual and continues to start my day feeling relieved, energized, and equipped for accomplishment.

    Throw in the extreme portability and I am hardly without it. This gives me the power to stretch or strength train anywhere and anytime.

    *The ISO-BOW was my companion through South America for 8 months. I was blown away at the results I achieved!

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