Less is More in 2024 – Bullworker New Year Challenge


This year’s theme is taking advantage of consistency and science backed principles to build strength faster with your Bullworker gear! 

Too often we think more time spent equals more productivity. However, when leveraging the versatility, convenience, and effectiveness of Bullworker you will save time and accomplish your fitness goals. 

This year, less is more. Stay true to your routine and you will be amazed at how much you will achieve with regular, simple workouts.

Stay true to the real purpose of this challenge, your improved fitness and quality of life.

Top 3 prizes

1st place – 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Bullworker

2nd place – Bullworker product of your choosing (Limited Edition Bullworker not included)

3rd Place – ISO-FLO

How to Win:

1 – Take the following measurements using a scale and a flexible tape measure. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, use a chord/rope and measure the chord/rope.

*Make sure to measure consistently each time. If you are exhaling your breath exhale fully. If you are inhaling, inhale fully.

Weight: in lbs

Waist: around your navel

Chest: around your nipples

Biceps: around your arms while flexing

Triceps: around your arms while straightening your arm to flex.

2 – Take a photo while holding the authentication placard and share it with your measurements on the Bullworker fit group or email to info@bullworker.com

3 – Post your final measurements, photo with the final authentication placard, and the story of your journey at the end of the 13-Week challenge on the Bullworker Fit group or email to info@bullworker.com | Submissions close on April 5th at 11:59 PM PST

4 – Finalists will be decided by the Bullworker New Year Challenge Panel

*Bullworker needs to be a primary part of your routine and share which products and how you used them.