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Iso-Bow is a convenient fitness device designed for enhanced stretches to increase your flexibility, effective resistance training to strengthen your muscles, and fat burning to tone your body. Enjoy from the comforts of your home or on the go!

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Improve Mental Health | Lower Stress Levels | Release Tension | Relieve Pain | Improve Posture | Speed Up Training Recovery


Iso-Bow® is the ultimate “fitness companion” it literally can go anywhere you do and provide maximum performance in any fitness discipline you choose.

Improve your flexibility for greater range of motion and tension relief with enhanced stretching.

Use Isometric exercises to engage more muscle fibers and are up to 66% faster at building strength than lifting weights.

A sturdy, non-stretch nylon strap with rotating handles, the Iso-Bow fits in a pocket, purse or bag and is always available for fitness on the go!!!

The Iso-Bow – “Simply Powerful”®

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Golf, Weightlifting or any of your exercise needs.

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Weight .3 lbs

15 reviews for ISO-BOW

  1. Chrisman Hughes

    As the president and someone who uses Bullworker products regularly, this is the only Bullworker product I use EVERYDAY.

    The 5 minute stretch routine is part of my morning ritual and continues to start my day feeling relieved, energized, and equipped for accomplishment.

    Throw in the extreme portability and I am hardly without it. This gives me the power to stretch or strength train anywhere and anytime.

    *The ISO-BOW was my companion through South America for 8 months. I was blown away at the results I achieved!

  2. Nadim T

    I’m a huge fan of the ISO-BOW. I use this everyday, mostly for stretching while at my desk, but even before workouts it’s a great way to get deeper stretches (especially if you are not very flexible, like me!) No brainer buy for something that will last a long time and contribute to minimizing injury as I age.

  3. Ernie DeCaro

    Every morning starts with a bend and stretch using the ISO Bow. I start easy and then build up to very focused strong tension while breathing in and out. Excellent wake up routine.


    While I was training with the Bullworker, I found Chrisman Hughes to be a great source of help! He always responded to my inquires professionally and compassionally. I was improving strength and flexibility and weight loss as well, which were my main objectives. In my opinion, this company and these products are a good investment in yourself!

  5. W. Durhm

    Isobow works great! You can do everything the much higher-priced isokenator does! All at a fraction of the cost….

    Very portable, stows away in a travel bag! Feel much stronger after only 3 months ov every other day use.

    Only con is that the foam grip handles on mine disentegrated into a fine powdery mess within the first month….

  6. Dick Herbert

    Worked out great with Contravirus. Gym out totally…Bullworker in. Feeling better already.

  7. Kevin DiBacco

    I trained as a Power Lifter for 25 years! Recent Hip surgery’s set my training way back. I read everything I could on Isometric training. My first purchase was the ISO BOW. Used properly Isometric training has gotten me back working out. If I had one one piece of equipment If would he the AMAZING Iso Bow! Best Thing I have ever purchased!

  8. Rob in AZ

    The new version of the Iso Bow is great and a step up from the original IMO. The new grips feel much more solid and substantial. Iso Bow has been an amazing home fitness tool especially while social distancing at home. I can use it for deep stretches or to engage specific muscles or groups with a variety of isometric exercises. The included booklet is full of information and routines and is made of high quality material. Highly recommended!

  9. Louise

    I love the iso bow!! I’m now much more flexible than I used to be in my glory days as a high school wrestler. I’m not a contortionist by any means, but at 31, my muscle gain came with reduced flexibility. Thanks to using these iso bows, I now am able to touch my toes and stretch my hamstrings before a workout and I’m trying to really stretch my leg up to my head while bending. These combined with weightlifting, cardio and the Bow Classic keep me limber, fit and strong. Thanks a billion, Bullworker!!!

  10. Christopher Fuller

    Good, solid product. Nice isometric exercise tool.

  11. Richard Shaffer

    I run about 80 miles a week on my rebounder/mini trampoline (169,000 steps). I love the Bullworker ISO Bow. I use the ISO Bow while I am jumping/running on the rebounder. I think you get 4 times more results using it on the rebounder and bullworker at the same time.. I wanted an upper body work out while working out. The G force gives you much better results. .

  12. Bernard Long

    My Isobowsarrived today a calendar month to the day since I ordered them. Noy Bullworker’s fault but that of the shipper. Not.impressed.
    Howvwr I am impressed with the resullt I have achieved with the original bow i have been using for the past frw months. Hope to build on that with the new bows. At age 81 I am not expecting big musele gain bur I have noticed more definition and overall fitnees from using thw bow 40 minutes a dayb5 days a week.
    Completed this week doing 100 reps of the exercises on the wall chart that came with the prigobal bow.
    The only criticism is that the exercise book that came with the new boys is too smaal. At 81 my eyesight is not what it was and the instructions are hard to read.
    Also I read of a 70 day Isobow challenge. Where can I find that.
    Bernard in Borneo

    • Chrisman Hughes

      Thanks for sharing and your patience Bernard. Glad you are enjoying your ISO-BOW and keep up the good work. You can find online versions of the manuals to enlarge here:

  13. Trevor Hall (verified owner)

    I love this piece of equipment, so simple yet extremely effective. I carry one with me everywhere I go as it just slides in my pocket. Sitting in traffic i’ll pull it out and do a few isometric exercises or a few minutes doing nothing again i’ll do some exercises. It’s a fantastic extension to the Bullworker Bow Classic too. Anyone can use this brilliant bit of kit and ideal for stretches when feeling a bit achy.


    Everyone should have an Iso-Bow. My brother John use Bullworker since early 90’s. I just got myself an Iso – Bow and see a huge difference in my muscle building and strength. What a product, An American ingenuity!
    And i’m willing to buy classic iso-bow in the near future.
    I give this product High FIVE Iso- Bows!
    Emerald Gem Exchange
    Brookyln , NY

  15. rajendar menen

    The Iso-Bow is a very deceptive piece of exercise equipment. It is a stroke of genius. Tiny, can be carried in your pocket, weighs next to nothing, and is a perfect exercise machine.

    I have been using it for a month every day after my yoga practice. The other day I tried the Bullworker which was lying in my cupboard. To my surprise, I could exert a lot of pressure on the Bull. I had gained a lot of strength and some bulk too with just about ten minutes a day with the Iso-Bow.


    I have now ordered the Iso-Flo. It has taken over ten days for delivery, I still haven’t got it, but will write a review after I use it. Pray that I get it soon!!

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