(23 customer reviews)



(23 customer reviews)


(23 customer reviews)


  • Enhance your flexibility and relieve tension with deeper stretches
  • Strengthen your muscles using proven Isometric exercise principles
  • One low impact fitness device for a safe total body workout
  • Burn calories to reduce fat and improve your muscle definition

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Weight .3 lbs

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Your ISO-BOW Includes
  • Instruction Manual and Routine
Weight .3 lbs

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A truly flexible workout on your terms

Bow Classic Exercise

See the ISO-BOW in action

Fast and simple – follow along with our video routines to help you reach your goals

Isometrics are proven to engage more muscle fibers and build strength up to 66% faster than traditional weight lifting

Durable nylon strap with rotating handles – you control the resistance, you control the results making it simple for any fitness level to build strength, definition, and flexibility using zero to hundreds of pounds of resistance

Make difficult stretches easier to relieve tension, reduce pain, enhance recovery, and feel better.  

*The Iso-Bow is designed as a static fitness device giving you controlled resistance and durability – DOES NOT STRETCH because elastic/stretch does not give you controlled resistance and will break.


What people are saying about the ISO-BOW

(23 customer reviews)

“I love this piece of equipment, so simple yet extremely effective. I carry one with me everywhere I go as it just slides in my pocket. Sitting in traffic i’ll pull it out and do a few isometric exercises or a few minutes doing nothing again i’ll do some exercises. It’s a fantastic extension to the Bullworker Bow Classic too. Anyone can use this brilliant bit of kit and ideal for stretches when feeling a bit achy.”

Trevor Hall

“I’m a huge fan of the ISO-BOW. I use this everyday, mostly for stretching while at my desk, but even before workouts it’s a great way to get deeper stretches (especially if you are not very flexible, like me!) No brainer buy for something that will last a long time and contribute to minimizing injury as I age.”

Nadim T

“Every morning starts with a bend and stretch using the ISO Bow. I start easy and then build up to very focused strong tension while breathing in and out. Excellent wake up routine.”

Ernie DeCaro


Compact size and unmatched versatility makes the ISO-BOW a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to increase your strength, muscle definition, endurance, or flexibility the ISO-BOW delivers.

Use your ISO-BOW as your primary fitness device or to enhance your current training with an extra edge.


Bow Classic Package

ISO-BOW Reviews

23 reviews for ISO-BOW

  1. Paul West

    This really is an incredible piece of exercise equipment, that is simple to use but only limited by your imagination.
    I will be 67 next month and trying to get my senior body into a fitter condition.
    I us it every morning to wake up my body before heading off to work and it is brilliant. Afterwards I feel like I have just had a swim and it is definitely improving my strength and posture.

  2. John Kowalski

    I use the Iso-bow in conjunction with my other Bullworker tools. I find the Iso-bow to be a wonderful product to do many exercises with on an ongoing basis. I also use the Iso-Bow when watching TV and when relaxing. It really makes a difference when exercising. I highly recommend it!

  3. Duke D

    I got a pair of iso bow to attached to my bow classic to expand my lowerbody workout. Lunges and bow extension. The iso bow also has great training workout system in its own right. A useful. 0 to 800Lb resistance makes it useful for anchor point training.

  4. Utah Fanootch

    What a versatile and amazing isometric tool!

  5. Bruce Uhalley

    I purchased two of the Iso-Bow products since they are great to use as an edition to my workout using the Bow Classic and the Steel Bow. Due to their smaller size, they work great for back exercises using both products. They are well made and I have had no problems with using them. I am over the age of 60 and using the Bullworker products definitely helps my joints compared to the early years of training hard at the gym. I strongly recommend all Bullworker products. Customer Service at the business is great too.

  6. Jean Lipscomb

    Love the ISOBOW I use it most days I even take it with me when I go away.

  7. Carl Abshire (verified owner)

    I use the Iso Bow for on the go arm workouts. Amazing piece of equipment.

  8. sandeep suryavanshi

    Isobow is certainly one of the best in line of fitness products. Have been using it for more than 2 years now and the quality and durability is top notch. The usage of Isobow is only limited to ones imagination. I love it and going to use it all my life. Thank you Bullworker.

  9. rajendar menen

    The Iso-Bow is a very deceptive piece of exercise equipment. It is a stroke of genius. Tiny, can be carried in your pocket, weighs next to nothing, and is a perfect exercise machine.

    I have been using it for a month every day after my yoga practice. The other day I tried the Bullworker which was lying in my cupboard. To my surprise, I could exert a lot of pressure on the Bull. I had gained a lot of strength and some bulk too with just about ten minutes a day with the Iso-Bow.


    I have now ordered the Iso-Flo. It has taken over ten days for delivery, I still haven’t got it, but will write a review after I use it. Pray that I get it soon!!


    Everyone should have an Iso-Bow. My brother John use Bullworker since early 90’s. I just got myself an Iso – Bow and see a huge difference in my muscle building and strength. What a product, An American ingenuity!
    And i’m willing to buy classic iso-bow in the near future.
    I give this product High FIVE Iso- Bows!
    Emerald Gem Exchange
    Brookyln , NY

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