(21 customer reviews)



(21 customer reviews)


(21 customer reviews)


  • Isometric exercises are proven to build stronger muscles faster
  • Customized resistance makes it simple for all fitness levels
  • Torch calories and relieve stress
  • Low impact training is safer than lifting weight
  • Elevate your Bullworker routine as a Bow Extension

Product Specifications

Your ISO-FLO Includes
  • 2 adjustable straps with rubber coated handles
  • Heavy duty carbainer
  • Instruction manual and routines for your ISO-BOW and ISO-FLO 
  • Canvas carrying case
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in
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90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

Burn Calories and Increase Strength 66% Faster

Tricep Cable Extensions
Bow Classic Exercise
ISO-FLO Biceps Cable Curl

See the ISO-FLO in action

Fitness made simple has been a staple to Bullworker’s history. ISO-FLO makes no exception to this promise. See how Bullworker has learned to defy odds once again by allowing you to stretch and grow muscle fibers with even less baggage.

See how you can improve your strength and physique regardless of where you are with ISO-FLO. Follow Bullworker now and see ISO-FLO provide you simple fitness in any location.

Even for the strongest individuals, an unfortunate injury can be detrimental to their fitness schedule and performance. Luckily for you, the ISO-FLO is engineered to efficiently reach muscle developing resistance with low impact to your joints and muscles.


What people are saying about the ISO-FLO

(21 customer reviews)

Iso-Flo is great and very effective on it’s own and or in conjunction with other exercise routines that include Bullworker Classic and or Streel Bow.

Highly recommended.



Chris Bowman

I like Iso Flo very much, the quality is very good and it will last a long time. The additional Iso Bow is also great.

I am glad I bought it and am always happy to train with it.


Stephen Engler

“My first workout today made me a believer in the Iso Flo’s true potential.

I could feel the burn, engaging my whole body. Not to mention the great cardio effect. AND you don’t need a door anchor to do exercises, you are the anchor….talk about portability!”

Peter Banzon


Instantly turn the space around you into a muscle
growing, calorie burning, range defying fitness center
within an arm’s reach. whether you are starting your
fitness exploration or a seasoned trainer, ISO-FLO gives
you tools to improve your quality of life.

See how efficiently you can reach new peaks in performance with muscle targeting. Move through your natural range of motion while improving muscle definition and releasing stress.

Utilize your greatest asset (yourself) safely with customizable resistance based on your level of fitness. Isolate what matters, your health, your safety, and your happiness.

Relieve yourself of any concerns with Bullworker’s 90 Day Guarantee. If it doesn’t improve your quality of life, receive your money back with no questions.

Bow Classic Package

ISO-FLO Reviews

21 reviews for ISO-FLO

  1. Chrisman Hughes

    As the president, and a big believer, I use Bullworker products regularly. I brought the ISO-FLO on a recent trip to Indonesia. I used my back as luggage for a journey and the ISO-FLO fit perfectly due to its small footprint.

    The simple yet quick and effective workouts were a fabulous way to continue accomplishing my fitness goals and boost my energy while not missing any of the trip (if anything, adding to it)!

    I experimented with the ISO-FLO as a way to rehab my shoulder after separating my AC joint from a bike crash. My physical therapist after a few weeks said, keep doing what you are doing! Feeling strong now and when I got back into climbing my buddy said “what a testament to your product, you came back as strong as you were at climbing”

    The muscle development and definition in a short high intensity routine has me grabbing my ISO-FLO often as my go to exerciser.

    Specializing in shoulders, arms, back, and core the ISO-FLO helps me target rebalancing my posterior with my anterior (most of us have overdeveloped chests).

    Give it a go, you will not regret it. If you do, send it back and we will refund you. We stand by our quality and your satisfaction with a 90 day money back guarantee.

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