Steel Bow


(64 customer reviews)

Steel Bow


(64 customer reviews)

The Steel Bow 20″ Bullworker

(64 customer reviews)


  • Proven to build stronger muscles faster, using Isometric exercise principles.
  • Strengthen your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Core with one simple fitness device.
  • Low impact training to burn fat and tone your body at home, without breaking the bank.
  • Customized resistance makes it simple for all fitness levels to build strength, tone your body, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Product Specifications

Your Steel Bow Includes
  • 5 interchangeable springs (0 – 35 lbs, 0 – 55 lbs, 0 – 80 lbs, 0 – 100 lbs. & 0 – 130 lbs)
  • Canvas carrying case
  • 90 day routine & instruction manual
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • 2 removable cable grips
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in

90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

truly Functional fitness on your terms

Tone Triceps Steel Bow
Bow Classic Exercise

See the Steel Bow in action

While the fitness principles are the same as the Bow Classic®, the smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, allowing faster, more precise results.  The Steel-Bow allows for more routines to be performed, especially those involving Iso-Motion®, where you move through your natural range of motion while exercising your muscles.



What people are saying about the Steel Bow

(64 customer reviews)

“Purchased a steel bow because for certain exercises were a bit hard and figured a shorter model would help with that. It definitely did. Great construction and the new improved handles are a game changer. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to people who want a way to exercise at home.”


The Steel Bow is a solid piece of equipment. I have long had a home gym and frankly have no desire to go to a commercial gym. My job requires travel and the Steel Bow fits right in my luggage. A fast and intense workout is available anytime. The Steel Bow is solidly built and contains enough varied resistance springs to provide even the strongest person with a solid workout. Try one! You won’t be disappointed!

Kory D

“This is the one of the finest total body fitness equipment out there. I don’t have extra time for gym so in search of an alternative I found Bullworker and since then it has become my best friend. Bullworker products are awesome and there is no doubt it will benefit anyone who invest in Bullworker products.”

Sandeep Suryavanshi

The Steel Bow 20″ Bullworker

Bow Classic Package

Steel Bow – 20″ Bullworker Reviews

64 reviews for Steel Bow - 20" Bullworker

  1. Patrick

    During the start of lockdown 15 months ago I started an hour and a half Bullworker programme 6 days a week. As ac62 year old I am absolutely astounded at the results. Lost 14 Kilos and have firmed up. Highly recommend the Bullworker BUT one needs to get into a routine and have the mindset to progress. No excuse as with The Bullworker you have the Tool. Enjoy.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Very well said and congratulations on your transformation!

  2. Carl Abshire (verified owner)

    I use the steel bow for my arm workouts.
    I use the classic for my heavy work. That way I don’t have to keep changing my springs. So much easier and quicker for my workouts.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Way to dial in your system!

  3. Kyle Franklin

    I have the steel bow and bow classic. I use the bow classic fairly regularly, but the Steel Bow is typically my go-to. It’s also such an easy piece of travel fitness equipment. I use the case and include the manuals when I travel. Especially when hotel gyms were closed, this was even more useful. I also like their isoflo, but for some reason I don’t travel with that. ha. Maybe I should. I’ve had my steel bow for only a few months, so I can’t really speak to how long it will last, but it’s super slick and still works great. No issues. Easy shipping. I believe it was free when I ordered mine? Thanks

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing how your Bullworker gear fits into your lifestyle! Keep up the good work and please keep us updated with your progress!

      *still free shipping :)

  4. Allan (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of training equipment. Well made. Affordable. I use it everyday and find it increases my muscle mass strength and flexibility. At 74 this makes ‘staying fit and healthy’ a breeze. Love the idea of being able to increase or decrease resistance levels. Highly recommend.

  5. Jim Sheffield (verified owner)

    I started using Bullworker back in 1972. I’ve always used it in conjunction with my powerlifting training. It still remains a big part of my training now. I’ve found it to be irreplaceable for developing the stabilizing muscles that are so important in the benchpress.

  6. Gary Miller (verified owner)

    I have Stage 4 Prostate cancer and treatment destroys muscle mass. I no longer could do even 5 pushups. I use my Steel Bow instead every other day for chest and arms. Not enough strength to get down on the floor but at least I’m doing something.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Our best to you Gary. Thank you for sharing. Absolutely you are doing something. I can only imagine what you are going through. I commend you on your determination and making the efforts. Keep fighting!

  7. panas

    Excellent solid equipment to use, small an convenient. I use it every second day. I recommend it without hesitation.

  8. Julie

    Steel Bow works great. Because it’s isometric it is very effective working on the muscle resistance both ways. I have always done gym work but Covid makes that impossible. Plus with feet arthritis heavy weights are a definite thing of the past as they take a persons weight plus huge weights. I love the bow is portable and that can do the exercise work anywhere. I love that I can feel the body parts that I have worked out, so I know it’s effective. I work 4 days a week, 3 sets at 15, 10 and 5 Reps per exercise. The choice is ours to do 1,2 or 3 sets depending on what one is trying to achieve. At 60 I am strong and that’s a definite need for an independent lifestyle.

  9. McDonald

    Nice equipment, easy to transport, when traveling I bring it with me. Along with the website I’m all set.

  10. Tom Bailey

    Excellent workout! Not only did I tone up my back and knees after major surgery, but I have lost a total of 30 lbs and counting just by following the exercise programs that came with the steel bow. I bought my first bullworker back in 1973 and used it religiously for decades until a home move found it apparently desirable to someone helping us move. I got the steel bow just before the pandemic hit and have gained mass, lost weight and toned up after major surgeries. Nothing beats the bullworker line….

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