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Steel Bow

Why The Steel Bow?

The simplicity of the Steel Bow makes muscle targeting easy 

Low impact training is safer than lifting weights

The Steel Bow is compact and can be used easily in your home, office, or on the go

Isometrics are the fastest way to build strength

Customized resistance makes it easy for all fitness levels to build strength, tone your body, and improve your cardiovascular health

While the fitness principles are the same as the Bow Classic®, the smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, allowing faster, more precise results.  The Steel-Bow allows for more routines to be performed, especially those involving Iso-Motion®, where you move through your natural range of motion while exercising your muscles.

Spring Resistance Levels:

0 – 35 lbs, 0 – 55 lbs, 0 – 80 lbs, 0 – 100 lbs. & 0 – 130 lbs


Bullworker Steel Bow

Proven Principles for the Fastest Strength Gains


Bullworker Steel Bow

Burn Calories in Minutes and Define Your Muscles


Bullworker Steel Bow

Boost Energy, Release Stress, and Enjoy Life

What is included?

Strength and Flexibility Training

Steel Bow All Steel Construction with Comfortable Contoured Grips

Five Interchangeable Resistance Springs

Instructional Manual & 90 Day Sit-at-Home Routine

Free Carrying Case

Non Slip Pad

5 Year Warranty

Start today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee

$249.99 $189.99Add to cart






Included are (5) Interchangeable springs to provide the perfect resistance levels for your muscle groups. The Steel-Bow is the ideal product if you are serious about improving your fitness. The included and revolutionary 30-minute Sit-at-Home Fitness® routine gives you an exercise for your whole body while sitting in a chair.  You choose what works for you, 5 different fitness disciplines (Isometric / Isotonic / Resiliency / Endurance / Iso-Motion®). The Steel-Bow allows you to mix and match fitness programs you will never outgrow.  Follow the exercises included in your manual, use it as a guide, or even create your own routine to increase your strength, definition, flexibility, and endurance. Improve your personal health and fitness and succeed with life’s demands without lifting heavy weights.

The Steel Bow® provides you with a complete fitness solution without the need to invest in a gym membership or expensive equipment!