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A leg workout without weights, is that even possible? There’s something of truth to the omnipresent phrase, “never skip leg day.” Besides the awkward triangle look that can result from the neglect to your lower half, your legs (as well as your back) are the foundation of your body, and they deserve to be treated as such.

However, no matter how many times the phrase is spoken, and how many times it is force-fed to active people, somehow, someway, the legs still end up an afterthought. Understandably, there is probably some apprehension from gym-goers especially, those who witness the pounding weights, guttural yells and over-the-top machismo that often accompanies a leg day in a gym setting.

Likewise, there’s often a mystique that accompanies leg workouts, more so than most other body parts, where many people simply don’t know what they’re doing — reaching the point of leg day with a blank stare and fear of failure. Unbeknownst to many people is the fact that exercising legs isn’t something exclusive to the meatheads, or even to the gym really. You can fully exercise your legs without weights, utilizing nothing more than your own bodyweight to bolster your workout.

Benefits of Leg Workouts Without Weights

Bodyweight leg workouts are tougher than they seem, but they have benefits that reach far beyond simply building muscle. There are increases in mobility, flexibility, and agility that can all be gained through leg workouts without weights. Additionally, leg workouts without weights utilize many of the same motions that gym routines do, providing you confidence and more direction if the gym is your preference while also toning your body.

Squats, hip thrusts, and hip abductions are just some of the exercises that can be done while doing a leg workout without weights, but there are of course many more as well.

It’s important to note, that anytime you work out your legs, as well as other parts of your body, naturally, are to be aware of how you are feeling and your limitations. Not everyone can bring their butt to the ground while doing a squat, and there’s no reason to push yourself to do so if it’s not something your legs or knees will allow. So, while performing leg exercises, push yourself, of course, but be keen in considering your body’s ability and adhere to that. Everyone is different, and only you can know how much is too much, and adapt accordingly.

Leg Workout Without Weights

The Bullworker leg workout without weights will be comprised of four exercises in a superset format. You will complete 100 repetitions of a variety of squat forms and positions. Starting with close-toe squats at 33 repetitions, proceeding to 33 repetitions of wide-stance squats, and then hitting 34 shoulder-width squats.

Following the squats, you will then do 33 hip thrusts into 33 frog-sit hip thrusts and back into 34 regular hip thrusts to tie up that segment of the routine. Lastly, you will end the routine with 25 side leg raises on each side. You then have the option of repeating the routine up to three times for maximum effect. This is a beast of a superset leg workout without equipment, so come ready to sweat and we’ll go further into depth below.

Close-Toe Squats

Leg Workout with no Equipment

On the floor or on an exercise mat, bring your legs close together and raise your hands over your head. At an even and steady pace, lower your butt to the mat while keeping your hands raised. Only go as low as you are comfortable with, but ideally lower your butt enough to where it is perpendicular to your knees, almost like you are taking a seat. You will repeat this movement 33 times in succession.

*The arm raise adds posterior and shoulder work for added benefit to your posture and shoulder health.

Wide-Stance, Sumo Squats

Leg Workout without Equipment

Much like the previous exercise, you will get into the center of your exercise mat or the floor, but this time, stretch your legs past your shoulders, to the point where your legs form an “A.” You do not need to spread your legs to the point where it becomes impossible to perform the exercise or to the point where it becomes difficult to stand back up. If you feel, either way, you have gone too far. When you are in position, you will lower your butt to the floor or to the mat, repeating this movement 33 times in succession. Sumo squats are great for your inner thighs.

Shoulder Wide-Stance Squats

Air squats for tone legs

Centering yourself once again, you will conclude the squat superset, by positioning your legs so they are shoulder-width apart. Lowering your butt as far as you can, ideally to parallel or lower. This time, you will complete 34 repetitions of the movement to round out the grand total of 100 squats.

Hip Thrusts

Leg Workout without Weights

For the hip thrusts segment of the superset leg workout without weights, you will sit your posterior all the way on the ground or preferably to an exercise mat for increased comfort, and lay flat on your back, with your knees pointing upward and your feet flat on the ground. For this exercise, extend your feet out as far as you feel comfortable (more hamstring focus).

From this position, you will raise your hips and only your hips toward the ceiling. You will repeat this motion 33 times, making sure to lower your hips back to the ground at the conclusion of each motion. One thing to keep in mind is that your hips should only rise as much as it feels comfortable. There’s no need to overextend or push so far you feel the exercise in your back, that would be incorrect.

Frog Leg Hip Thrusts

Frog Leg Hip Thrusters for a Tone Butt

In the same vein as the regular hip thrusts, you will remain with your back flat on the ground. Instead of your knees pointing to the ceiling, you will instead, draw your feet together and bow out your legs until they resemble that of a frog. From here, you will begin raising your hips to the ceiling as you did before, but this time making sure your feet stay together for 33 consecutive motions.

Hip Thrusts (Round two) 

Hip Thrusts for a tone butt

Place your feet closer to your butt. If you can touch your heels with your fingers, this is about the right distance. This time add on one more repetition for 34 total to round the hip thrusts segment out at 100.

Side Leg Raises

Side Leg Raises for a Tone Butt

The last exercise in this routine are leg raises. For these, you will lie down with the side of your body parallel to the ground. While you are lying down in a near-side plank position, rotate your top foot inwards to focus more of the work on your medial glutes, and raise the leg closest to the ceiling up in the air and then back down. You will repeat this for 25 repetitions before switching sides and repeating.


You have completed the Bullworker leg workout without weights. If you are continuing on with additional sets make sure to take a one to two-minute break in between and grab some water. Happy Training! If you enjoyed this routine, please share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the comment section.

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