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Bullworker Power Pack

Giving you everything you need for complete cross training to increase your strength, improve your flexibility, and boost your cardio for enhancing your daily performance.

Build your chest, sculpt your back, tone your abs, strengthen your shoulders, and shape your legs with one easy to use complete cross training system.

Save time and money with proven 7-second isometric holds engaging more muscle fibers than lifting weights, building stronger muscles up to 66% faster.

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Bow Classic

Scientifically proven to increase strength in only 7 seconds


Achieve peak performance using controlled resistance


Bullworker ISO Bow

Relieve pain and tension with deeper stretches and proper warm-ups

Killer Arm Workout for Tone Triceps and Biceps


Fast Strength Gains with Isometric Exercise

Enhanced Movement Performance with ISO-MOTION®

Muscle Definition with Isotonic Repetition

Improved Flexibility and Tension Relief with Deeper Stretches

Advanced Cardio and Recovery with Resiliency Training

Low Impact Training for a Safer Alternative

Join Iso-Fitness culture by combining our innovative products with cutting edge fitness routines to target and build your body as you desire.

What is included?

Bow Classic | Steel Bow | ISO-FLO | ISO-BOW

Interchangeable Resistance Springs

Spiral Bound Instructional Manuals & 90 Day Routines

Free Carrying Cases

Non-Slip Rubber Pads

5 Year Warranty

 Start today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee

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Why The Power Pack?

All the Fitness Equipment and Routines You Need, One Simple Package

Strengthen Your Muscles

Increase Your Flexibility

Tone Your Body

Improve Your Cardio

Relieve Tension

Speed Up Recovery

Studies show muscle confusion (cross training) is one of the most effective and fastest techniques to attain optimum performance.

The diversity of the Bullworker® Power Pack gives you routines and equipment for muscle confusion to achieve maximum results and maintain your motivation without getting bored.

Iso-Fitness training combines all of our products at a price less than a gym membership and a size that fits your lifestyle. Use your portable equipment at home, take it to the office, or while you travel.

No other fitness product combination can deliver the cutting edge physical technology of Iso-Fitness like Bullworker. Drop the hype and expense and cross-train your body to the highest levels with your Bullworker Power Pack.