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Accomplish your fitness goals with the Bullworker Power Pack. Strength training, muscle definition, flexibility and range of motion, the Power Pack features both Bullworkers, the ISO-FLO and Iso-Bow. A full range of home gym equipment, portable devices, workout charts, and more!

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Today’s elite athletes obtain optimum performance by cross-training in gyms and on machines that cost $1,000’s of dollars. The Bullworker Power Pack offers the ultimate opportunity for cross-training. Iso-Fitness training combines both the Steel Bow and Bow Classic with an ISO-FLO and Iso-Bow at a price less than a gym membership and a size that fits your lifestyle. The Bullworker products speak loudly in their results, quality and portability. No other fitness product combination can deliver the cutting edge physical technology of Iso-Fitness like Bullworker. Drop the hype and expense and cross-train your body to the highest levels with the Bullworker Power Pack.

*5 springs and spiral manuals are included with your Bow Classic and Steel Bow

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in

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Power Pack Reviews

16 reviews for Power Pack

  1. James Dawson (verified owner)

    I bought the power pack off the back of my fitness enthusiast friend raving about the bull worker products, their quality and the training benefits. I largely didn’t use them for a while because I was just getting into a gym routine. But slowly and surely, through experimentation I’m finding I use them more and more. Anyone can use them, much more safely than most of the things you’d find yourself doing in the gym. They’re really great quality, convenient, and the Facebook group offers excellent support and encouragement. The more experienced you get, the more you realize how beneficial these workouts can be. So treat it as a journey, how fitness and life well being should be anyway, and enjoy the way of the bullworker! Ps. I still spend at least half of my time doing other stuff- it’s not either or!

  2. Duke D

    I did buy the power pack, but as a result of buying the complete bullworker products individually I have the power pack. Bow Classic is like your barbell & abs trainer. The Steel Bow could be like your dumbbell for upperbody. The iso flo to expand what you can do with your bullworkers or do fully body self resistance training.

  3. Rik Brown

    I bought the Power Pack because I wanted it all, I wasn’t going to let any one of these fine products slip by me! They are so well made- I am enjoying my workouts with them, and I like to use the classic Bullworker most of the time, but I travel a lot and that’s when I get going with the Steel Bow. I am 63 and still making great progress. Thank you for these wonderful training tools!!

  4. Jim Markley (verified owner)

    Free yourself from the gym! Being able to train yourself at home is critical to long term health. Eventually the gym “method” fails. The gym closes, becomes too expensive, too crowded and training partners quit. Learn to train yourself at home with this pack and you can stay fit the rest of your life.

  5. Zolamurph

    Great products, you can’t go wrong here, as there is something for everyone
    Beginner, seasoned campaigner, well worth the

  6. Len


  7. Andy Z (verified owner)

    A great alternative to weight lifting. Helps maintain muscle tone with an added benefit of saving time. I’ve been using Bullworker products since the early 70s and they’ve always worked for me. The new products are far superior to the earlier models. Great improvements to the original include the steel bow (smaller version of bow classic) and the ability to change spring tension. ISO Bow and ISO Flo are great for stretching exercise routines.

  8. Keith de la Gardelle

    Highly recommend the Power Pack, as it has helped a great deal with building strength and flexibility.

    That strength and flexibility have both carried over into my regular exercise routine, translating into significant gains and less joint stiffness/pain.

    I’ve seen an impact on my muscularity, as well, and wish I would have invested in Bullworker sooner.

    The power of building strength, through isometrics, can’t be overstated.

  9. Brett Roebuck (verified owner)

    The equipment is beautiful and definitely high quality. The methods are safe and are limited only by your imagination.

  10. Ron Heim (verified owner)

    I had to scramble and find exercise equipment when my gym closed. I looked at a number of choices on the internet and didn’t even realize Bullworker still existed as I remember it from the 70’s. I found their website online and was hooked. I called them and the person I spoke with was very helpful and they shipped my Powerpack faster than I expected. All of the equipment is well built, easy to use and the instruction booklet is very helpful. I have developed a daily routine and can see the results. In addition, my 18 year old son observed me using it and now he is hooked as well. Another generation of users! I highly recommend the Bullworker Powerpack.

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