Power Pack

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Accomplish your fitness goals with the Bullworker Power Pack. Strength training, muscle definition, flexibility and range of motion, the Power Pack features both Bullworkers, the ISO-FLO and Iso-Bow. A full range of home gym equipment, portable devices, workout charts, and more!


Today’s elite athletes obtain optimum performance by cross-training in gyms and on machines that cost $1,000’s of dollars. The Bullworker Power Pack offers the ultimate opportunity for cross-training. Iso-Fitness training combines both the Steel Bow and Bow Classic with an ISO-FLO and Iso-Bow at a price less than a gym membership and a size that fits your lifestyle. The Bullworker products speak loudly in their results, quality and portability. No other fitness product combination can deliver the cutting edge physical technology of Iso-Fitness like Bullworker. Drop the hype and expense and cross-train your body to the highest levels with the Bullworker Power Pack.

*5 springs and spiral manuals are included with your Bow Classic and Steel Bow

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions36 × 8 × 8 in


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