The Doorway to Strength


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Co-authored by Helen Renée Wuorio and Brian Sterling-Vete. Helen is an ISOfitness™ exercise specialist and competitive Bikini Fitness Athlete from the United States. She went from 40lbs overweight, to a size ZERO Bikini Fitness Athlete in just 8 months! Helen now teaches the ISOfitness™ system in video-led online workout routines, webinars, live seminars and corporate fitness workshops. Brian Sterling-Vete Ph.D. is a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, and martial arts instructor. As a veteran strength and fitness coach, Brian trained with, and coached his friend and 4 Times World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson of Iceland in strength and the martial arts. Brian worked with BBC TV News and is a TV broadcaster, with a non-nonsense, entertainingly politically incorrect, and direct approach to fitness and body shaping which gets results.

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This book has been approved by TWiEA – The World Isometric Exercise Association ( Currently, the entire range of books written by Brian Sterling-Vete and Helen Renee Wuorio about the Bullworker, isometrics, and other related forms of exercise are the only books to have received this approval together with TWiEA’s 5-Star Rating. The Doorway to Strength™ shows how a simple door, doorway, and doorframe can be used to create a multi-gym of exercises using the amazing Iso-Bow® exerciser and the ISOfitness™ exercise system. The Doorway to Strength™ demonstrates how to perform a host of powerful and effective exercises such as the door leg press and shoulder power push, together with many other exercises to work all the major body parts. The Iso-Bow® exerciser is probably the world’s smallest and most powerful portable total-body exerciser. The Iso-Bow® is so compact even that a pair of Iso-Bows® can easily fit into the pocket of an average pair of jeans. However, even just one Iso-Bow® can deliver the perfect level of workout intensity for a beginner or an advanced athlete, and with no adjustment necessary. The ISOfitness™ exercise system aims to deliver more results, in less time, and with less exercise than any other exercise system. Required Extra Equipment: 2 x Iso-Bows® (preferably 4), a solid door wedge/stop.

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