Steel Bow


(64 customer reviews)

Steel Bow


(64 customer reviews)

The Steel Bow 20″ Bullworker

(64 customer reviews)


  • Proven to build stronger muscles faster, using Isometric exercise principles.
  • Strengthen your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Core with one simple fitness device.
  • Low impact training to burn fat and tone your body at home, without breaking the bank.
  • Customized resistance makes it simple for all fitness levels to build strength, tone your body, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Product Specifications

Your Steel Bow Includes
  • 5 interchangeable springs (0 – 35 lbs, 0 – 55 lbs, 0 – 80 lbs, 0 – 100 lbs. & 0 – 130 lbs)
  • Canvas carrying case
  • 90 day routine & instruction manual
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • 2 removable cable grips
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in

90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free & Fast Delivery

5-Year Warranty

truly Functional fitness on your terms

Tone Triceps Steel Bow
Bow Classic Exercise

See the Steel Bow in action

While the fitness principles are the same as the Bow Classic®, the smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, allowing faster, more precise results.  The Steel-Bow allows for more routines to be performed, especially those involving Iso-Motion®, where you move through your natural range of motion while exercising your muscles.



What people are saying about the Steel Bow

(64 customer reviews)

“Purchased a steel bow because for certain exercises were a bit hard and figured a shorter model would help with that. It definitely did. Great construction and the new improved handles are a game changer. Very happy with my purchase and recommend to people who want a way to exercise at home.”


The Steel Bow is a solid piece of equipment. I have long had a home gym and frankly have no desire to go to a commercial gym. My job requires travel and the Steel Bow fits right in my luggage. A fast and intense workout is available anytime. The Steel Bow is solidly built and contains enough varied resistance springs to provide even the strongest person with a solid workout. Try one! You won’t be disappointed!

Kory D

“This is the one of the finest total body fitness equipment out there. I don’t have extra time for gym so in search of an alternative I found Bullworker and since then it has become my best friend. Bullworker products are awesome and there is no doubt it will benefit anyone who invest in Bullworker products.”

Sandeep Suryavanshi

The Steel Bow 20″ Bullworker

Bow Classic Package

Steel Bow – 20″ Bullworker Reviews

64 reviews for Steel Bow - 20" Bullworker

  1. Stewart

    I use the steel bow regularly for both aerobic and strength. I am 55 and the results are amazing and it fits into my lifestyle. The steel bow takes up little room and I can even use it at work during my breaks or outdoors in the garden. I would recommend it too any age group as it has different springs for different fitness levels. Get one today and set your own fitness goals.

  2. fievet

    excellent appareil mais il manque une traduction du livret en français

  3. John Bordonero

    I’m 60, and have four bullworkers. First one was bought 1974.The steel bow was something I always dreamed of, the size hits different angles. I’ve done different training , Ju jitsu, Karate, but have always come back the bullworker. It actually gives me confidence, and cheers me up after using it. I can recommend to anyone, it’s a gym in a bag. Great on a rainy day indoors. Also you can invent your own exercise too. Fantastic

  4. Duke D

    I got this after great results with the Bow Classic. This Steel Bow is more compact & fits in a backpack. To my surprise it gives the upperbody a slightly better workout than the Bow Classic.

  5. Sanjay Antony

    Very nice fitness device, it’s a portable powerhouse, Good to have and it gives you a full body workout any time, the best part is it is portable and comes in your luggage, I use it along with the BW2

  6. william batovsky

    I bought my first Steel Bow to rehab my shoulder operation that went sideways with a MRSA infection. This worked perfectly. I now have 3 Steel Bows,I have the original and 2 of the latest. I use the Steel Bow as I read my morning papers
    on my Pc. I do the isometric only method. Later in the day, I use the isotonic method only, while standing the Wbv platform. This seems to work well for me. I have been using the BW since 1967, where we had them at the Navy base in Pensacola. I bought one in Atsugi Japan, Adak, Alaska, and Augsburg, Germany.
    I am 71 years old, and still use them regularly.

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Fantastic system and routine you have! Well done, thank you for sharing! Happy to hear the Steel Bow helped with your shoulder rehab. What a journey you have been on and how cool your Bullworkers were right there with you!

  7. Marcel Bruin

    I have been doing isometrics for a long time but always with heavy weights and other heavy objects. Since my legs started to get progressively worse since 2013 ( due to a type of HMSN) i needed a tool to create heavy tension without being actually heavy, so i would not have to move it with my legs. Thats when i started to investigate other options and found the steelbow. What an amazing tool! The black spring gives me enough resistance to build some serious strength, and i can just work with it while sitting on a chair. I also do oldtime strongman feats like bending steel bars and the steelbow builds just the right kind of strength for this.
    And i found the steelbow to be great for conditioning by using a light spring and doing very high reps and little rest.
    All in all its an amazing product. Really love it!

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing your story and your Bullworker training application. Bending steel bars, serious strength! Way to go Marcel, keep hammering!

  8. Christopher Gaines

    A great piece of versatile equipment helps me maintain a good physique and not been to gym for 3 years

  9. Mark Black

    Like all Bullworker products …They work and The Steel-Bow is compact with changeable springs. A full body workout is achievable and fabulous results from the exercise programs included are first class. I use it, I love it .

  10. Bill Koh

    It’s a great addition to my bullworker . Especially useful when I travel as it’s neatly packed into my luggage n I can continue to exercise everywhere I go .
    My first bullworker was purchased about 58 years ago as a teanager
    I then purchased another as replacement some 10 yrs ago, no actually 2 gave one to my brother in law.
    Shortly after I purchased the steel bow as I realised how easily I can carry it with me wherever I travel
    I sincerely recommend it to anyone, you will enjoy the effects straight away after training n best of all bring it anywhere you go

    • Chrisman Hughes (verified owner)

      Love that you are active and on the go. Thank you for sharing and happy to hear the compact size keeps it simple for you when you are on the road!

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