Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION for Movement Performance

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Looking for a fun and fast leg workout? ISO-MOTION® focuses on movement performance by incorporating your body’s range of motion while keeping tension to strengthen your muscles. This technique solves many of our challenges and answers many of our excuses when it comes to exercise.

I Don’t Have Time

Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION

ISO-MOTION® combines the principles of isometric strength training, proven to be the fastest way to build strength, and isotonic exercise to give you a convenient option to perform a fast workout that works.

By nature, this technique engages both your targeted muscles and opposing muscles at the same time, doubling your efficiency when exercising. One example in this video is the Leg Extension and Leg Curl. This option combines two exercises into one exercise to make a Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION®.

The idea of exercising both of your opposing muscles at the same time is a common approach to modern routines which focus on the push/pull superset method. However, with this fast leg workout, you are doing them together and finish in half the time.

Ensuring you exercise your counter muscles is a very important piece to a complete fitness training approach.  When one muscle group is stronger than the counter muscle group many issues can arise.

The importance of alignment

Your muscles work to counterbalance each other and hold your skeleton in proper posture and biomechanics. However, when one muscle set is stronger and tighter than the counter group your skeleton is pulled out of alignment. This misalignment can cause discomfort and even pain in your everyday life. This fast leg workout helps you balance your workout for a better muscle balance in your body.

One common example of misalignment and muscle imbalance is an overly tight chest. Many of us sit at desks all day rounding our shoulders forward and allowing our chest to tighten up. In addition, many of us choose to focus on exercising our chest which only adds to this muscle imbalance. An overly tight chest begins to pull your skeleton forward causing hunching, rounded shoulders, and even possible back and neck pain.

The pain occurs because your back muscles are trying to correct the skeletal posture but are not strong enough and are in a constant overstretch and straining position. Try countering this with a quick back workout here.

Balancing your routine by exercising your back muscles helps to pull your skeleton back upright and improve your posture. Your stronger and more engaged back muscles can now better counterbalance the pull from your chest creating a more aligned posture resulting in tension and possible pain relief.

Exercise is Boring

Fun and Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION

A repetitive routine with basic movements can quickly become something we are bored of and quite frankly dread doing. Luckily, this Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance gives you the freedom to listen to your body and flow with your style. Keep the tension on your muscles, move through your body’s range of motion, and target the movements or areas you desire.

Have fun with your routine by flowing to your music, your surroundings, or your personal vibe. As long as you are maintaining your tension, your muscles are being exercised increasing your muscle strength. You can follow this sequence for a fast leg workout with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance by setting a timer for each flow sequence – 20 seconds recommended – before moving on to the next exercise.


Customize a flow by performing the movements you want to focus on and areas you desire to target. Keep resistance and flow. Kind of like dancing or improv, it is that simple. Your Bullworker products are portable and convenient so take them where you want, set your ambiance, flow, and enhance your fitness levels.

You Control the Resistance, You Control the Results

Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance

Muscle Strength

If your focus is on strength increases, exert more effort creating more resistance and perform shorter flows. A good target duration for one particular flow is 85% of your maximum effort for 15 seconds. Always listen to your body and increase intensity as you feel comfortable. If you are just starting exercise try 65% of your maximum effort.

Muscle Definition

If you are targeting more endurance and muscle tone, exert less effort for lower resistance levels. Applying less resistance allows you to sustain your efforts for longer periods of time which in return helps tone your muscles and burn calories. A good target for muscle definition is 60% of your maximum effort for a 1-2 minutes per-flow sequence.

Cardio Endurance

If muscle endurance and cardio work is your goal exert even less effort for a lower resistance level and flow for longer. A good target duration for muscle endurance would be to use less than 60% of your maximum effort for a 5-10 minutes per-flow sequence. Generally, the more endurance your training focus is, the lower the resistance levels must be. One cannot focus on strength/muscle growth and muscle endurance as they are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Most importantly, have fun and try this Fast Leg Workout with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance in your daily life.

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*We do not give medical advice and always suggest you consult with your physician prior to engaging in physical fitness activities.

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