Killer Arm Workout in 10 Minutes

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Enjoy this Killer Arm Workout and the benefits. The advantages of strengthening your arms are many and this quick and simple routine will deliver.

What do you think of, visualize, or do when someone asks you to flex your arm? Most would think of the standard biceps flex. The same goes for when people think of arm workouts, most people solely focus on strengthening and performing biceps exercises. However, did you know your triceps make up about 60% of your arm’s size? If you want bigger arms, start working out your triceps along with your biceps.

Your body is a system of muscles that counter pull each other to keep your skeletal structure sound. Overdeveloping one muscle can lead to tension, pain, and even more severe problems. Therefore, this killer arm workout will focus on both your triceps and biceps giving you a complete and balancing arm workout in less than ten minutes!

How so quick? Isometric strength training is proven to be the fastest way to build strength, up to 66% faster than lifting weights, by engaging more muscle fibers.


Make Daily Tasks Easier

Your arms are used all day long in many different ways. Some of us use our arms more and require more strength than others but the bottom line is we all use our arms frequently throughout the day. Make opening doors, moving your seat and furniture, lifting your backpack, briefcase, or handbag, lifting your kiddo when you get home, carrying groceries, and so many more of your life’s daily tasks easier with the convenient Killer Arm Workout below.

Tone Arms

Killer Arm Workout for Tone Triceps and Biceps

Most will agree that, stronger, more defined arms enhance your appearance. Luckily, there are many ways to start toning your triceps and building your biceps, one simple routine below will help you get started. If you already have a routine, consider the benefits of adding to your exercises for muscle confusion (the process of keeping your muscles challenged by changing or adding to your routine). Tone your arms and start filling out your shirt and increase your confidence as you turn the heads of people passing by.

Burn Calories

Exercise, in general, is going to increase your rate of burning calories which in return should help you lose weight and tone your body. The more muscle you develop, the more calories you will burn throughout your day. Therefore, starting and continuing a strength training routine will continue to increase your rate of burning calories as you develop more muscle. In addition, exercise increases your heart rate which leads to a healthier heart and improved quality of life. See more here.

The Killer Arm Workout

Biceps Curl

Killer Biceps Arm Workout

Holding your Steel Bow or Bow Classic in the vertical position with your hands on the handles, compress your Steel Bow or Bow Classic bending only at your elbows. Once you have compressed your Bullworker between 60%-80% of your maximum effort, maintain an isometric hold for 7 seconds. When you finish your isometric hold continue with 10 isotonic repetitions. When you reach your maximum distance or compression maintain your hold and complete your entire range of motion for each rep (Iso-Motion). Ensure you hit your killer arm workout for both arms.

Biceps Cable Curl

Killer Cable Biceps Arm Workout

Grip the bottom cable grip with an overhand position (palm facing down) and your top cable grip in an underhand position (palm facing up) and curl the top cable up only bending at your elbow. Maintain an isometric hold at 60%-80% of your maximum effort for 7 seconds. Finish with 10 repetitions and using Iso-Motion, same technique above, for your entire range of motion. Ensure you hit your Killer Arm Workout for both arms.

Triceps Cable Push

Killer Triceps Arm Workout

Using the same grip as the biceps curl start with your arms contracted and extend your bottom arm (palm down) only bending at the elbow at 60%-80% of your maximum effort for a 7 second isometric hold. Finish with 10 repetitions. Ensure you hit your Killer Arm Workout for both arms.

Iso-Bow Curl

Killer Arm Workout

Holding the top grip of your Iso-Bow with an underhand grip (palm up) and grabbing your bottom grip with either a vertical (vertical fist) or overhand grip (palm down) create an isometric hold using 60%-80% of your maximum effort. Ensure you perform 3 isometric holds: arm extended with elbow slightly bent, elbow at 90 degrees or half way contracted, and fully contracted towards your shoulder. Once you complete your isometric holds, finish with 10 Iso-Motion reps maintaining tension on your Iso-Bow the entire time. Ensure you hit your killer Arm Workout for both arms.

Triceps Cable Push Down

Killer Arm Workout

Placing your Bow Classic or Steel Bow vertically on a secure surface using your non-slip pad grab the side cables towards the top (not the black grips). Carefully extend your arms, pressing down, only bending at your elbows 60%-80% of your maximum effort for a 7 second isometric hold. Finish with 10 repetitions.

Biceps Curl with Bow Extensions

Killer Arm Workout

Place your Bow Classic or Steel Bow parallel to the ground and securely step on the bottom cable. Thread your Bow Extension strap through the top cable and use an underhand grip (palms up) on both handles. Curl upward bending only at your elbows at 60%-80% of your maximum effort for an isometric hold of 7 seconds. Complete your set with 10 repetitions followed by a burnout pulse at the top. Pulse should be only an inch or two of movement.


This Killer Arm Workout is designed to strengthen and tone your arms (triceps and biceps) in less than 10 minutes. Start this simple routine or mix it in with your current routines and feel and see the benefits in your daily life.

We are here to help you improve your quality of life and accomplish your fitness goals by making fitness simple and we hope this Killer Arm Workout does exactly that.

Please leave your feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions below so we can give you more great options. If you enjoyed this Killer Arm Workout, please share with your family and friends.

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