Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION for Movement Performance

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Mobility exercises with ISO-MOTION® for movement performance make finding the time, equipment, and energy to exercise while you are home or traveling simple. Bullworker aims to enhance the quality of life with simple fitness giving you fitness products that are extremely portable and efficient when it comes to the benefits you will achieve compared to the time you exercise.

ISO-MOTION® is a fun and quick exercise technique by Bullworker which incorporates the concept of isometric strength training, the fastest way to build strength, and adds movement through your natural range of motion for improving your movement performance.

The fitness breakthrough technique of ISO-MOTION® is performed by creating your desired resistance and maintaining resistance as you move through your body’s range of motion. One advantage of ISO-MOTION® you will notice is your resistance levels applied automatically adjust according to your strength at your different joint angles. Unlike using weights that do not adjust, your Bullworker products immediately give you customized resistance to maximize your strength in one continuous motion.

To experience this with your Bullworker or ISO-BOW compress or spread your exercise device in front of your chest. Start to slowly extend your arms in front of you. What do you notice? Your strength decreases and you release a bit of your pressure applied as you extend farther from your core.

Why does your mobility strength change as you extend your arms?

Your strength decreases as your joint angle changes because you are stronger closer to your chest and as your arms extend in front of your chest you have less strength resulting in less force being applied. Bullworker gives you the optimum resistance throughout your entire motion of movements at each angle for better performance and a more effective workout. The static weight gives you optimum resistance at only one joint angle and either become too light or too heavy as you move through your range of motion thus not being effective for ISO-MOTION® and movement performance.

When it comes to functional fitness, we recommend exercise using your body’s entire range of motion to improve your daily performance. Strengthening your mobility with ISO-MOTION® gives you the freedom and fun to create your desired resistance and flow throughout your desired movements while listening to your body and its needs. Train as your body is designed to move and start to feel the benefits in your daily routines.

Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance

Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION for Movement Performance

In this video ISO-MOTION® is demonstrated with the Steel Bow, however, the concept is the same for your Bow Classic, ISO-BOW, and other fitness tools. The start to this quick ISO-MOTION® flow is a compression near your chest. Apply your desired resistance (higher for strength training/lower for mobility endurance) and keep tension as you move throughout your body’s range of motion. To get comfortable and acquainted with this technique you can extend your arms in front of you, transition to the right and left, or up and down as you keep your desired resistance. Make sure you are breathing consistently and never holding your breath during exercise.

The next piece of the video is balancing your posture and skeletal structure by exercising your counter muscles. During your compression ISO-MOTION® flow you were exercising your front body. In the second flow, you will spread the cables apart exercising your back body.

Start by gripping your cables with your arms close to your chest and spread to your desired resistance. Strengthen your mobility by moving through your range of motion while maintaining resistance by keeping your cables spread. Try extending your arms in front of you, to the right and left, up and down, and let your flow be smooth and concentrated with intentional flexation – focus on your muscles being used and engaging your core.

When you become a little more familiar and comfortable with ISO-MOTION® you will start to flow or dance and allow your body to move in an improv manner allowing your body to speak to you where appropriate work may need to be focused.

Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION® give you a better understanding of your body and possible areas of strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you listen to your body, some movements might cause discomfort or even pain identifying a potential injury, tightness, or weakness in your body. There is a difference between weakness, tightness, and injury. If you feel pain, stop that motion as exercise should never cause pain; however, if tightness is the issue work on moving through that motion loosening up that area, and if the area feels weak dedicate some time to exercising that particular muscle and motion. ISO-MOTION gives you the benefit of immediate response to your strength and ability to release the tension on demand making it a safer alternative to free weights.

You can use this technique as one continuous routine for one set or take pauses and perform the mobility exercises with ISO-MOTION® for movement performance using sets. The longer you flow the more endurance and cardio you will perform. The shorter your flow but the more resistance you apply, the better for strength training.

Strength Training

Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION for Movement Performance

To focus on strength training, apply 80% – 100% of your max effort for short sets and rest for 2 minutes in between. 

Endurance Training

Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION for Movement Performance

For conditioning focus on engaging your muscles at 80% or less of your max effort and as you flow. The longer you flow, generally, the less resistance you apply, which targets endurance and cardio.

Most importantly, have fun and try these Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION® for movement performance in your daily life to see how much you can enhance your daily routines.

If you found Mobility Exercises with ISO-MOTION® for Movement Performance beneficial please share with your family and friends. We love to hear from you so please leave your comments and questions below and we will be happy to include them in our future posts.

*We do not give medical advice and always suggest you consult with your physician prior to engaging in physical fitness activities.

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