Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes

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A killer back workout in 5 minutes and the many beneficial reasons you should add this simple routine to your regimen.

Benefits of a Killer Back Workout


Confidence is key when it comes to life and though many of us might be happy with our appearance, many of us are always ready for improvements. You have different standards when it comes to appearance preferences than me and mine are different than your neighbors’; however, I am willing to bet we are all interested in improvements and/or new techniques to spice up our routine and maintain our accomplishments.

Take a minute to imagine your ideal build. What does it look like? Chances are and studies show people agree the triangular or “V” shape is key to the “ideal look”. A killer back workout in 5 minutes is all it takes to start developing your back muscles and start shaping your personal “V”.

Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes


Want be taller? The first and quickest improvement you can make is your posture. Stand up straight and instantly appear taller, increase confidence and mood, and relieve tension on tight muscles and joints. Have you ever noticed when you emphasize good posture your muscles in your back get tired, a killer back workout in itself?

Good posture takes work, you are sticking it to gravity and letting it know you are going to win the battle but your muscles have to work for it. Therefore, a strong back and the right exercises help you maintain your posture and as you get stronger the effort becomes unnoticeable and your new habit is formed.

Boost Your Metabolism

Any exercise will burn calories and burning calories is a key part of the fat loss equation. As your back muscles build they will continue to increase the number of calories you burn, as the saying goes, “muscle burns more calories than fat”. In addition, exercise increases your heartrate and results in a healthier heart giving you more energy throughout your day.  When you burn calories you tone up your body and reduce the load your body has to carry around every day which then can lead to less pain.

Reduce Pain

Your body is a system of connected muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and more. Think about a vehicle, if one piece is out of tune or broken the rest of the vehicle suffers or may not even function. Same goes for your body. A killer back workout can help balance your muscular structure resulting in pain relief.

Most of us are over developed in our front side, especially our chest and shoulders. This creates a rounding effect (bad posture) and pulls on our back muscles resulting in discomfort and pain. When your system is out of balance or unequally strong pain can occur in places you would least expect like your neck, lower back, and shoulders.

Strengthening your back muscles to counter pull your overly tight chest is critical to restoring equilibrium in your structure and reduce pain.

Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes

Injury Prevention

A killer back workout inevitably results in a stronger back which also directly corelates to reduced chances of injury. Many injuries happen because you take on a load that your body is not ready for or because as mentioned above there is constant pressure and tension on your body from an uneven balance of strength. The stronger your back is, especially your lower back, the less likely you are to injure yourself in daily tasks or strenuous activities.

Movement and Daily Life Made Easier

As you age you notice daily activities start to become more of a muscle exhausting task and things feel heavier (inverse for the young bucks). This is because unless you are strengthening your body, you are becoming weaker. Your body doesn’t stay the same it will either weaken or strengthen depending on your life choices.

Make the choice to incorporate this killer back workout and improve your daily movement performance to change the way you feel when bringing in the groceries, lifting/moving objects, or playing with the kids or your friends.

Surgery prevention

Many physicians will tell you, surgery is the last option. We want to prevent surgery at all costs and a strong back can reverse your course. Many physical therapists and doctors will give you muscle strengthening exercises to try and correct the problem before going under the knife. Take advantage and start this quick back exercise today.


If surgery is needed or after an injury, properly rehabilitating your muscles is vital. Ensuring you strengthen your muscles and rehab is what aids the healing / correcting process and can prevent further medical attention.

A Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes?

Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes

Now you know the added benefits to a stronger back but finding a routine to strengthen your back can be time consuming and difficult.

Not anymore. This killer back workout in 5 minutes is specifically designed using scientifically proven techniques to build your strength faster than any other method. Isometric exercise and strength training has been around for years and there is a reason doctors, physical therapists, and rehab specialists suggest them.

Isometric strength training exercises are a safer and lower impact option than lifting heavy weights and even better, they engage more muscle fibers and build strength up to 66% faster.

Your Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes

Cable Spread

Killer Back Workout in 5 Minutes

pread your Bow Classic cables at 60%-80% of your maximum effort and maintain a 7 second isometric hold.  Finish with 10 concentrated cable spread repetitions.

Your cable spread will help strengthen your upper back and pull your skeletal structure upright for better posture and tension relief.

 ArcherIsometric Back Exercise for a Killer Back Workout

Perform an archer pull with 60%-80% of your strength and maintain a 7 second isometric hold. Once you finish your isometric hold conclude with 10 repetitions focusing on your muscles being fired. Alternate sides.

Archer pull will help develop your posterior deltoids and rhomboids for counterbalancing your front side muscles and improving posture.



Lat Pull Down

Killer Back Workout Isometric Lat Exercise

Placing your Bow Classic or Steel Bow securely on your hip pull down using 60%-80% of your maximum effort and maintain an isometric hold for 7 seconds. Remember to focus on firing your latissimus dorsi and not use your arms. Finish with 10 controlled repetitions and alternate sides.

Lat pull down will strengthen your upper sides of your back to help create your attractive “V” shaped body.


Back Compression Behind HeadKiller Back Workout

Holding your Bow Classic or Steel Bow parallel to the ground behind your head, compress your Bullworker at 60%-80% of your maximum effort for a 7 second isometric hold. Conclude with 10 repetitions of controlled movements.

Your behind head compression will help strengthen your arms, shoulders, and upper back for counter balancing your front muscles improving posture and performance.


Seated RowSeated Row Killer Back Workout

Seated straight and your legs slightly bent in front of you pull your cable or Iso-Bow towards your chest keeping your back straight at 60%-80% of your maximum effort for a 7-second isometric hold. Finish with 10 controlled repetitions.

The seated row helps strengthen your scapula and rhomboid muscles to secure and increase should stabilization while building a foundation for other muscles.


Seated Deadlift

Seated Deadlift for a Killer Back Workout

Remain seated with your legs out in front (slightly bent) and while holding your cables lean back keeping your back straight. Hold this position at 60%-80% of your maximum effort and finish with 10 repetitions. *Do not exceed full compression of your Bullworker.

The seated deadlift focuses on your lower back which is pivotal in maintaining a healthy body and reducing pain. Be careful to listen to your body and not overdo this exercise as your lower back muscles are very strong but sensitive.



Stretching your back after your killer back workout is always a good idea to loosen your muscles. Try child’s pose and placing your hands on a flat surface while rounding forward.

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Counter Muscles

Your skeletal and musculature structure is developed best when you strengthen your counter muscles. In this case, a similar workout for your chest is prudent for maximum benefits and movement performance. Check out The Killer Chest Workout in 5 Minutes!

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Flat Abs


Enjoy this killer back workout in 5 minutes and experience all the benefits. You now have a simple back workout to make part of your routine. Bullworker’s mission is to improve quality of life with simple fitness. If you enjoyed this workout please share it with your friends and family. We love to hear your feedback so leave your thoughts, stories, and recommendations below and we will continue to deliver what you are looking for.

*Bullworker does not give medical advice and is not a certified physician. Physical exertion and exercise can be strenuous and cause injury. Always consult with your physician prior to engaging in physical exercise.

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