A Fitter You in 2022: Week 13

The final sprint to the finish line! Keep Charging!

Upper Body

Legs & Lower Back


  • Perform each routine 2 times per week. You may stack/combine them as you please to fit for your schedule.
  • Number of sets:
    • Foundation: 1 set
    • Enhance: 2 sets
    • Peak: 3 sets

Upper Body

Perform 20 controlled reps and hold the final rep for 7 seconds.

  1. Chest Compression
  2. Lat Pulldown
  3. Lower Chest Compression
  4. Lat Pulldown Neutral Grip
  5. Upper Chest Compression
  6. Lat Pulldown Reverse Grip
  7. Side Chest Compressions
  8. Shoulder Presses
  9. Deltoid Raises
  10. Face Pulls
  11. Back Rows
  12. Reverse Flys
  13. Bicep Curls
  14. Tricep Extension Reverse Grip
  15. Resisted Crunches (front, left, right)

Legs & Low Back

Perform 20 controlled reps and hold the final rep for 7 seconds.

  1. Lunges
  2. Calf Extensions
  3. Seated Deadlifts
  4. Leg Extensions / Curls
  5. Hip Abductions
  6. Hip Adductions
  7. Deadlifts (Romanian Option)
Iso Bow Better Boat Pose (Navasana)

Iso Bow Better Boat Pose (Navasana)

For a better boat pose and strength training.

Grab your ISO-BOW and place your feet through the ISO-BOW loops.

Activate your toes and legs, lift your feet off the floor, and grab your second ISO-BOW and pull your ISO-BOW apart drawing your scapula towards your spine firing your rhomboids.

Push through your heels and lift your legs.

Breathe deeply and hold for five deep breaths.

Counter by placing your feet and hands on the floor and press your hips into the sky.

Iso-Bow Better Side Planks (Vasisthasana)

Iso-Bow Better Side Planks (Vasisthasana)

To enhance your side plank.

In a deep lunge position, place your hands down near your feet. Spread your fingers and grip the mat firmly.

Slight bend in your right elbow so you are not hyperextending.

Grab your ISO-BOW and place the webbing around your front foot.

Pivot your toes in the same direction and lift your front leg and hips into the air.

Push through your heel and lift your back body drawing your scapula back down your back.

Try to slide your mat or ground forward with your right hand.

Iso-Bow Crescent Lunge Enhancement (Anjaneyasana)

Iso-Bow Crescent Lunge Enhancement (Anjaneyasana)

To enhance your crescent lunge reach your hands up in the air and place your fingertips on the floor.

Raise one leg up and softly place your foot behind you in a lunge.

Reach down and grab your ISO-BOW and rise up contracting your core and keeping your back straight.

Spread your ISO-BOW apart drawing your shoulder blades down on your back.

Breathe deeply and hold this pose for five deep breaths.


Iso Bow Triangle Pose Enhancement (Trikonasana)

Iso Bow Triangle Pose Enhancement (Trikonasana)

To enhance your triangle pose spread your feet wide and bring your hands up over your feet.

Slowly push into your heal and bring your hands down to your hips.

tilt your pelvis laterally, reach down to your foot and place your ISO-BOW over your feet.

Reach your left hand up into the air opening your chest.

Expand the crown of your head outwards and try to expand your mat or push the floor forward to contract your right quadricep.

For further work, draw your hand down the strap and closer to your right foot.

Ensure you are breathing deeply and hold for five deep breaths.