2023 Bullworker Fit Challenge

We are so excited you are here! We want to congratulate you for taking the initiative to better yourself.

Trust us, hearing your family, coworkers and community complimenting you on your fitness improvements like losing weight, clothing fitting you better, and how strong you are is a great feeling. However, when you experience the benefits of staying consistent with your routine that is even more powerful. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable!

This year we want to use the secret of shorter routines. Consistency is far more important than sporadic intensity and will achieve far greater results. 

Sustainable routines are the routines that deliver, they fit in your schedule and have you feeling better each day.

This Year’s Bullworker New Year Challenge: A Fitter Me in 2023 will only be 60 Days. 

A Double Win with Bullworker

The real win is the higher quality of life you will experience and therefore, you are a winner for staying true to yourself through your journey. For our competitors out there and a little extra incentive we have some prizes.

Top 3 prizes

1st place will earn the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Bullworker (soon to be released and never seen before)

2nd place will earn a Bullworker product of your choosing (Limited Edition Bullworker not included)

3rd Place winner will earn an ISO-FLO

How to Win:

1 – Take the following measurements using a scale and a flexible tape measure. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, use a chord/rope and measure the chord/rope. 

*Make sure to measure consistently each time. If you are exhaling your breath exhale fully. If you are inhaling, inhale fully.

Weight: in lbs

Waist: around your navel

Chest: around your nipples

Biceps: around your arms while flexing

Triceps: around your arms while straightening your arm to flex.

2 – Take a photo while holding the authentication placard and share it with your measurements on the Bullworker fit group or email to info@bullworker.com

3 – Post your final measurements, photo with the final authentication placard, and the story of your journey at the end of the 8-Week challenge on the Bullworker Fit group or email to info@bullworker.com | Submissions close on March 5th at 11:59 PM PST

4 – The top 10 finalists of the most impressive transformations will be decided by the number of votes from the Bullworker Family on Bullworker’s Post (details to come).

5 – The top three will be decided by the Bullworker Panel

*Bullworker needs to be a primary part of your routine and share which products and how you used them.

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