Best Home Workout for Beginners

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Are you looking for the best home workout for beginners?

Congratulations on making the commitment to yourself and getting started. Your fitness journey is going to be rewarding. Like most things worthwhile in life, your fitness will take some effort and will be challenging at times. But the challenge is what keeps it fun, improves your health and wellness, and reduces your risk of injury.

The key to starting and sustaining a productive fitness program is setting your intentions, starting slow, and building momentum. Results do not happen overnight but you will be amazed at the results you can accomplish from simple home workouts.

Your exercise routines do not need to be long.

Consistency is key when it comes to results, not intense long-lasting routines that leave you feeling drained or exhausted.

Do not confuse resistance with results

The best home workout for beginners starts slow. The first thing to remember is to focus on form and time under tension (TUT) with deliberate and controlled reps. Contrary to what most people think, form and time under tension will deliver results much faster than more weight or resistance and will reduce your risk of injury.

Too many times beginners start their fitness journey with workouts that are too high in intensity, heavy weight, and improper form only to find themselves hurt (sometimes seriously). This stops their journey before it even started and moves them in the wrong direction.

So, remember to drop the ego and focus on intentional flexation, the mind muscle connection to activate your muscles being trained.

Best Home Workout for Beginners

Movement is key when starting a home workout for beginners

Movement brings more movement. The important thing is to move, for however long. Movement strengthens your muscles, burns calories, increases blood flow, and improves energy levels which encourages more movement. That is momentum.

No Equipment, No Problem

Ready to start your home workout for beginners. Bodyweight training is a great way to go. Bodyweight exercises help you familiarize yourself with movements and improve your overall body control and balance while strengthening your muscles.

Give this bodyweight series a go!

Remember to start slow, these routines are intended to offer you something to build up to. Start each routine with the idea in mind that you will do as many reps as you can until you build up to the entire amount shown. No need to push it, it is completely ok to do 5 reps (or however many you can) and take a break. Let the video roll and join in again when you are ready. Simplify the exercises with the suggested variations like pushups from your knees. Remember your numbers and try to best that the next time.

Best Home Workout for Beginners

7 Seconds, That’s It

Using 7 second isometric exercises, Bullworker makes home workouts for beginners simple and effective. 

Try this quick and effective total body routine for beginners to start your momentum.

Isometric exercises are proven to be the fastest way to build strength, are low impact making them safer than many forms of exercise, and highly effective at strengthening your connective tissue. Isometrics are not only highly effective for muscle strengthening but also for your tendons and ligaments. Training your tendons and ligaments not only make you stronger but reduce your risk of injury and can help you push through plateaus.


The most important thing you can do is start. Set your intentions and keep charging, consistency is key. Focus on your form, time under tension, and challenge yourself as you progress.

Momentum carries you a long way but sometimes you need to stay true to your commitment to yourself and just start. If “you do not feel like it” one day, try just doing a few simple stretches or exercises, remember movement is key. You likely will find boosted energy levels and complete your workout. If not, you still got some movement and exercise in for your day (some is better than none).

Congratulations on starting your fitness journey. Your success is our goal, please keep us updated with your progress and do not hesitate to reach out.

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