Best Portable Home Gym for Travelers

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Save time while you are traveling with the best portable home gym for travelers. As any fitness-conscious traveler can tell you, hotel gyms are usually uninviting and under-equipped. Many look like they were designed specifically to give you a great excuse to break your workout routine.

The portable home gym is the solution for you when you are worried about falling behind on your fitness goals while you are on the road. With the summer vacation season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at the best portable home gym for travelers.

Iso Bow

Bullworker’s Iso Bow is a travel-friendly pocket gym that utilizes iso-motion, isometric, and isotonic exercise to deliver a surprisingly versatile workout experience in a convenient package. It’s a great option for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced, and young to old.

Iso Bow is the most portable workout device on the market. It can fit in your pocket, in a backpack, or in a tiny corner of your suitcase when you’re traveling. Despite its small stature, it unlocks a huge range of exercise options for you.

Check out this video demonstration of the Iso Bow:

Iso Bow’s “progressive resistance” delivers incredible results for people interested in toning, definition, strength training, and endurance building.

Best Portable Home Gym for Travelers

Whether you use it as a backup workout device for home or as a portable device when traveling, Iso Bow will deliver the results you’re looking for.

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