The Best Home Workout Equipment [2021 Release]

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There’s truly no one-size-fits-all approach to the best home workout or the best home workout equipment. What was once a mere lifestyle option for many people, has become a necessity for many more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Home is truly where many are safest from catching the illness, but the task of converting the place where you sometimes work, sleep, eat and clean is nothing short of daunting.

In fact, the entire premise of a home workout may conjure up images of slightly dysfunctional treadmills and medicine balls, and a hodgepodge of rusty workout equipment that is more likely to collect dust than actual sweat.

It’s not a pleasant sight, and the whole idea turns people off to the idea of home workouts and home workout equipment.

But that’s not how it has to be.

No Space, No Problem

The Best Home Workout Equipment

Fortunately for you, home workouts and home workout equipment have come a long way. No longer are home workouts confined to back sheds or unused basements or garages.

Likewise, no longer is the best home workout equipment as big and bulky as it used to be, requiring a space commitment that you may or may not even have.

Across the board, home workout equipment has gotten simpler and more intuitive in how these products are able to work with your lifestyle in an array of ways, to the point where labeling some of these products “home workout equipment” could be misleading, as you don’t even need to be home to be able to use them.

The result of all these changes is a newfound ability to choose the best home workout equipment that works for you and your lifestyle, rather than you working for it. In other words, the plans you make for fitness come on your own terms, and there’s nothing more valuable than that.

Home Fitness Equipment That is EVIDENCE BACKED

At Bullworker, we’ve been in the business of providing the best home workout equipment for nearly 60 years. The products look different now than they did back then, but they still rely on the same reliable science-based techniques that give you the best home workout with real-world results.

The science of isometrics, utilizing resistance to build strength 60% faster than traditional weightlifting, is at the core of Bullworker’s entire equipment line, from the portable and adaptable Iso-Bow to the full scale, famed Bullworker Bow Classic.

There is quite literally a device for every lifestyle need and with such an array of devices, the Bullworker method is of the mindset of working hard, and working wherever, whenever. While there may be many competitors, offering their own solutions to the conundrum of home workouts, few offer as unique a combination of benefits as Bullworker.

Fun, Simple and Effective

Fun Home Fitness Equipment

First and foremost, Bullworker specializes in simplicity and portability. As a company, Bullworker prides itself on making people feel that their fitness goals don’t need to revolve around a certain location to be accomplished.

You are in control, take your fitness wherever you want. All the individual products are mobile, meaning that whenever the need arises, you can be sure your workout equipment is able to go with you with little to no worry or hassle.

Likewise, as Bullworker is a company that wants to put the simplicity back into fitness, all of your Bullworker home workout fitness equipment comes out of the box with no assembly required. We prefer you not to be burdened by a bunch of loose odds and ends, so you can get down to the strength gains you are looking for faster and more effectively.

Your Fitness, Your Terms

Bullworker products are also versatile, not only in form and function but in how they hit your muscle groups. Bullworker’s line of home workout equipment is all-encompassing, with a great many of the products able to deliver full-body workouts with nothing more than the product itself.

Likewise, the only true limitation is one’s imagination when it comes down to isolating muscle groups and targeting with the Bullworker line of equipment. With that said, there’s also the ability to combine Bullworker products for cross-training to get more out of your workouts and the equipment itself in many fun and interesting ways.

That versatility also extends out to where you can use the equipment. A huge part of the Bullworker ethos is a focus on the outdoors and getting you outside as much as possible.


This may seem contradictory for a company that sells the best home workout equipment, but the way we see it is whether you are working at home or outdoors, we want to give you the means to do so, without having to rely on a traditional gym.

With that said, climbers, boxers, swimmers and other outdoor sports and industries rely on Bullworker products to get them the strength to compete at that next level.

With a focus on outdoor industries, Bullworker stands apart in its ability to really conform to the needs of the activity, by being what people need whenever they need it.

Custom Resistance for All Fitness Levels

Best Home Workout Equipment

That said, the Bullworker line of home workout equipment isn’t squarely for the athletes and the extremely active among us, Bullworker excels in the fitness goals of the average person whose goals don’t revolve around gaining a ton of mass and becoming a bodybuilder, nor is it a passing novelty, that again, gathers dust after a couple of uses.

Bullworker equipment allows you to feel results immediately and see results in the first couple of weeks. Build strength in a way where your fitness journey doesn’t have to encapsulate your entire life. With simple routines in minutes or total body blasts Bullworker will lead to better definition, stronger muscles and more efficient home workouts than traditional methods like recumbent bikes or weights.

See the entire Bullworker Power Pack fitness items with Bullworker, President, Chrisman Hughes.

Fitness Wisdom

Lastly, Bullworker has a legacy of redefining home workout equipment. An astounding 60 years in the business isn’t without its merit. That’s 60 years’ worth of results and multiple generations of people built better by Bullworker. The world has changed, and technology has progressed, but the science of isometrics has outlasted these worldly shifts.

Bullworker chose not to reinvent the wheel, instead, we further drilled into the science and further refined our equipment line to better serve our loyal fitness enthusiasts of all levels and skillset. Furthermore, if the best home workout equipment is what you are after, there’s no better home to be found than in the Bullworker family.

Our goal is simple, your fitness success! Keep it simple and risk-free. We stand behind our products with a 90-day money-back guarantee and industry-leading 5-year warranty. Give it a go and get ready for rapid changes you can see and feel! 

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