How to Start Exercising: Simple and Convenient Exercise Equipment

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How to start exercising?

When it comes to fitness, we all can agree physical activity benefits our lives in a plethora of ways. To name a few: we look and feel better, reduce the risk of health issues, have more energy, become more productive, and relieve stress.

Congratulations, you are making the first step towards getting started with an exercise program that works for you.

When asking yourself how to start exercising, think about what your goals are and what products or type of exercise fits your lifestyle.

Muscle Strength

How To Start Exercising: Muscle Strength Strap Training

Isometric Strength Training is proven to be the fastest technique to build strength. Isometrics engages more muscle fibers and increases strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights.

Isotonic exercise incorporates the eccentric and concentric movements of your muscles to help increase the size and strength of your muscles.

Muscle Definition

How To Start Exercising: Muscle Definition with Strap Exercises

isometric and isotonic exercise increases your muscle strength and size while burning calories to help tone and improve your muscle definition.

Range of Motion and Flexibility

How To Start Exercising: Range of Motion and Flexibility Strength Training

Using ISO-MOTION with your ISO-FLO exercises your body throughout your entire range of motion increasing your flexibility and mobility so you can perform in whatever your life demands.

With so many benefits to fitness, why do many of us find ourselves not exercising or dread doing so?

Have you ever found yourself with the below reasons or excuses for not exercising?

  • I do not know how to exercise
  • I do not like exercise
  • Exercise takes too much effort and time
  • Gym memberships and equipment are too expensive
  • Exercise is hard on my body

What if you found an exercise device that solved your challenges and made it easy to start?

A simple yet innovative fitness device that was fun, affordable, and convenient. In addition, and most importantly, a fitness device which was fast and effective.

Bullworker’s mission is to enhance the quality of life through simple fitness.

The first Bullworker product was invented in 1962. With over 10 million users worldwide, Bullworker pioneered affordable and convenient fitness using one simple personal exercise device inspired by data from research of over 10 years at Germany’s prestigious Maxx Plank Institute.

Bullworker took what once was heavy, expensive equipment that only top gyms and medical facilities could afford and gave you convenient products for real results from the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself. This is one way we make it easy to answer the question, “how do I start exercising?”.

ISO-FLO can be used with many different muscle strengthening techniques.

The ISO-FLO uses science-backed, proven principles of isometrics and isotonic exercises to solve your challenges. The ISO-FLO gives you all the benefits in one simple and affordable fitness tool.

We are excited to deliver to you another brilliantly simple total body fitness device making it easy for you to start exercising.



The easy setup and complete control for a customized resistance training your body’s natural range of motion make ISO-FLO one of the simplest fitness devices you can own.

ISO-FLO and Bullworker products come with instructional manuals and routines to make getting started or adding to your routine easy. In addition, there are a number of videos online as well as a great community of support with the Bullworker Family Facebook group.


The ISO-FLO is ready for you to use with one simple clip of a carabiner. No other equipment or structure needed. Conveniently grab your ISO-FLO and start getting fit.

Low Impact

These days, studies show finding a low-impact form of exercise pays off in the long run. The ISO-FLO does not use heavy weights nor abnormal movements making exercise easy on your joints.


Lifting heavy weights or other repetitive exercises gets boring. Flowing with ISO-FLO makes exercise fun by giving you complete control of your workout anywhere you, please.


Save your money with ISO-FLO, giving you an effective option for less money than one month at a gym or other expensive products.

Functional Fitness

In today’s world, being fit means being able to do what you love. ISO-FLO focuses on strengthening your body’s natural range of motion so you can perform in your everyday life.


With a quick setup and using some of the best exercise techniques around, you can accomplish a total body fitness workout in a matter of minutes. No more dreading the commute or long redundant workouts. Accomplish your fitness goals and get on with your priorities in life.


The compact footprint of your ISO-FLO allows you to take it with you anywhere. Whether you want to use it at home, work, or while traveling. ISO-FLO makes it easy to accomplish your fitness goals wherever you please.

How to start exercising?

Choose your fitness goals, find what fits your style, and start having fun by trying your first exercise routine.

To test the ISO-FLO I took one on a journey into the remote jungles of Indonesia where space and time were limited. The ISO-FLO exceeded my expectations with its compact footprint, easy setup, and efficient exercise. Best of all, it was quick and easy to do a workout and I did not miss out on any of my vacations.

Bullworker’s goal is for you to have an effective tool that you can count on to deliver results. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, help create a routine or find a product that fits your goals and lifestyle, and be a part of your journey to enhancing your quality of life with simple fitness!

We understand our products are not for everyone and that is why we stand by our quality and most importantly, your satisfaction. Try your ISO-FLO worry-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee and industry-leading 5-year warranty.

If you are not pleased with your results, send them back for a full refund.

Let us know your thoughts and questions, we always love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article, please share this post with your friends and family so they can benefit from the ISO-FLO and solve the most common challenges/excuses for not exercising.

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