9 Tips on How to Stay with Your New Year Fitness Goal(s)

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How do you stay with your new year fitness goal(s)? Starting a new year fitness plan is great but finishing your new year fitness plan is what matters.

The new year brings great excitement and energy. All this energy and excitement leads to new goals, many for good reason and with great ambition. However, many find themselves starting with fire only to soon be smothered. How do we stay with our new year fitness plan? Follow these 9 tips and successfully accomplish your new year fitness plans.

  1. Make it Attainable

    The first and most important aspect to accomplishing your new year fitness goal(s) is to make your goal attainable. Be realistic with what you are trying to achieve. The most common mistake when setting new year goals is to aim too high. Goals are a great and necessary part of reaching our full potential but the most important thing to remember is time and effort are what will get us there. Therefore, set a new year fitness goal that is achievable. This does not mean take the easy road out. Goals should always be a challenge but a realistic one.
  2. The Why

     Why are you trying to accomplish this goal? The second thing to remember when it comes to following through on your new year aspirations is the true purpose of your goal. Goals should be set by ourselves and for ourselves. If we are not the driving force behind our goal then burning out is inevitable. Set goals in which you truly believe in and are willing to put in the work. We can only run on pure will for so long. The deeper we dig for goal planning the more connection and desire we have for achieving!
  3. Small Steps

    Now we have our new year fitness goal in place as an attainable and meaningful decision. The next step is to create more goals! If you are trying to lose 60 pounds in the next year setting monthly goals of losing 5 pounds a month will help you get there. Generally speaking, our goals are a marathon and not a sprint. We have to pace ourselves by creating milestones and smaller goals along the way. Small goals not only help us see the possibilities in increments and help us make appropriate plans they also give us small victories to celebrate and keep momentum.
  4. Accountability

    Accountability is key. Having someone or something to hold you accountable can make all the difference in the world. It is easy for us to give up or change plans on ourselves but when we inform others we do not want to let them down. Therefore, simply telling a friend or family member about accomplishing your new year fitness goals will give your extra incentive. Going all the way to giving a photo of you in your underwear to your friend to post on social media if you fail is also very effective!
  5. Friends & Family

    Doing anything on your own takes willpower but including friends and family gives you an added boost. Friends and family are not only great accountability partners but can also make great companions in the journey. Finding goals that can include friends and family can be much more fun when it comes to completing your goal.
  6. Groups & Contests

    Sometimes finding friends and family to join in can be difficult. In this case, joining a group with similar new year fitness goals is a wise idea. This provides a great opportunity to meet other people and share the journey. In addition, finding a contest gives extra incentive through competition. Bullworker provides a fantastic option with a 90 day New Year Transformation contest and it is not too late to join.

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  1. Schedule Appropriately

    Make time for your goals. This new year goal of yours is important, schedule your necessary steps into your agenda. You have plenty of time throughout the day to make sure you commit to your cause. When you schedule your priorities other pieces of life tend to fall into place. This gives more focus and creates an urgency to be efficient. Your work will get done. In fact, scheduling in your time creates more efficiency with work and ensures you take care of number one.
  2. Options

    Variety is the spice of life. Giving yourself multiple options to accomplish your new year fitness goal(s) can make the difference. If your goal is to lose weight, build strength, or improve your cardio there are many ways to do so. Do some research and get creative along your journey.
  3. Have Fun 

    The last key is to make it fun! We always perform better when we enjoy what we are doing. Goals are not always easy to accomplish and there will certainly be some challenges along the way but finding time to enjoy or make things fun is powerful.


Setting your new year fitness goal(s) is important but following through for yourself is even better. These 9 tips are all great pieces of the puzzle as you enjoy your new year and there are many more options out there. Find what works best for you, take advantage of opportunities, and keep us posted on your progress!

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