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Amazing Features

Accomplish your fitness goals with the Bullworker Power Pack. Strength training, muscle definition, flexibility and range of motion, the Power Pack features both Bullworkers, the ISO-FLO and Iso-Bow. A full range of home gym equipment, portable devices, workout charts, and more!

Total Body Strength & Physique

Isometric exercises are proven to engage more muscle fibers and increase strength up to 66% faster than traditional weight lifting.

Mobility & Muscle Definition

You control the resistance, you control the results. Customized resistance and complete control makes it simple for all fitness levels to improve mobility, reduce risk of injury, and build strong well defined muscles.

Low Impact Training

Engineered to efficiently reach muscle developing resistance with low impact to your joints and muscles for training that is safer than lifting weights.

Happy and satisfied customers


I purchased the power pack and I must say it was well worth it. I did the 90 day challenge and lost 20 pounds and feel and look much better and every one notice it. I’m 58 and this is like my 3rd bullworker of some form and by far the best one. I also have a bowflex that’s also and excellent exercise machine but the bullworker is more convenient and also portable. lts a must have for any one into serious fitness
Lawrence Simpson
(verified owner) – August 28, 2022

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The new series of Bullworkers are great. Been using the Bullworker since about 1976, and this generation with the black tubing is incredibly smooth and provides the perfect sense of glide into the compression. I recommend this to anyone of any age to use as a stand alone or companion to other forms of exercise.
John K
(verified owner)

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As a trucker I am always searching for better ways to stay healthy. My preferred workout on the road is weighted mace, but the weather just doesn’t cooperate sometimes. I find the Bullworkers a solid workout on those nasty days when I really don’t want to step out of the truck any more than I have to. Isometric workouts, like that delivered by the Bullworker, are fairly solid and able to be done in a relatively small space. It isn’t my favorite workout because I like to move a bit more, such as when using kettlebells or a macebell. That being said it is extremely good at what it does. I use both the big one and small one, preferring different ones for different types of exercises. For those nasty days on the road, it definitely is the way to go. Thanks for such a great tool to add my exercise quiver.
Truck Driver

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