6 Effective Shoulder Exercises: Amazing Shoulder Workout with or without your Bullworker

by | ISO Bow, Shoulders

This article goes into an array of effective shoulder exercises. You can perform these motions with or without the assistance of Bullworker products. Regardless of the method, we hope you get a lot out of these motions.

What are the benefits of Shoulder Exercises?

  1. Increased physical activity
  2. Healthier blood flow and heart
  3. Efficient metabolism
  4. Reduced chances of medical issues
  5. Burnt calories and body fat
  6. Stronger muscles and joints
  7. Improved muscular balance, stability, and alignment
  8. Better daily performance (simple tasks and exercising)

What are Shoulder Muscles (Deltoids and Rotator Cuffs)?

Deltoids form the rounded contour of our shoulder located on our back. They are further subcategorized into three heads, anterior deltoids (near the clavicle), lateral deltoids (scapula), and posterior deltoids (spine of the scapula). These three heads help with shoulder flexion, abduction, and extension respectively.

Flexion helps rotate the arm. Abduction of the arm results in arm movement away from the body. The extension moves the arm backward and helps with throwing a ball underhand.

Rotator cuffs are a collection of 4 distinct muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis). They are located near the socket joint of the shoulder. The muscles arise from the scapula and connect to the head of the humerus, forming a cuff at the glenohumeral joint.

These muscles help stabilize the shoulder and keep the head of the humerus in position for a larger range of motion. These muscles act as important gears in the shoulder movement and function so they are important to keep healthy and strong.

Why Shoulder Exercises?

Your deltoids and rotator cuffs are essential muscles for fulfilling everyday tasks within your daily routine. These shoulder muscles are very important because they are being used for almost every arm movement. With this being said, it is quintessential to tone all the three heads of the deltoid muscles so they remain healthy and strong.

If you do not have a consistent shoulder workout routine, continue reading to find our best shoulder exercises with or without Bullworker.

Shoulder exercises without weights or body-weight training are safe and convenient. You put your shoulders at risk when you lift with heavy weights, especially because they are easily prone to injury. Weights can also make it harder to perform an exercise with proper form. This combination makes shoulder injuries one of the most common and they can be very painful and slow to heal. Since you use your shoulders so often, they are unable to get proper rest.

With body-weight training, you can easily increase the difficulty of an exercise by adjusting the angle (example: raise your feet during a push-up for more difficulty). Moves like the crab walk can make body-weight shoulder exercises more fun and silly while maintaining the challenge.

Strengthening shoulder muscles is a unique process because you do not need weights for effective shoulder exercises. With the exercises below, you can develop your shoulder muscles using only your body weight and/or Bullworker fitness equipment. You can also perform these amazing shoulder exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Stretching and cardiovascular activity before your shoulder workout will help you get your blood flowing so you are loose and warm to perform shoulder exercises. At Bullworker, we value safe exercising protocol. Stay safe, stay strong!

Standard Push-Ups

Standard push-ups are a fantastic starting exercise to strengthen your shoulders while simultaneously engaging your core, chest, and triceps. Elevate your feet for a decline push-up that will engage your deltoids even more.

  1. Place your hands on a sturdy surface slightly wider than shoulder length
  2. Extend your legs behind you to a supportive and comfortable position (form a straight line from head to heels)
  3. Keep your shoulders pulled back away from your ears
  4. Squeeze your core
  5. Bend your elbows to lower your body until your chest nearly touches the surface (arms should form 45-degree angles with your torso)
  6. Optional: isometric hold for 7-10 seconds
  7. Push-up to return to starting position
  8. Repeat steps for 10-15 repetitions

Arm Circles

Arm circles can be used with our without weights and engage your deltoids and rotator cuffs. This shoulder exercise can be used as a warm-up stretch and a strenuous shoulder workout (especially if you perform multiple sets with light weight). Ensure to keep your arms straight and to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise (palms facing up).

  1. Stand straight with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart
  2. Extend your arms to your side
  3. Ensure they are in line with your shoulders and parallel to the floor
  4. Rotate arms clockwise, starting with small circles moving to large circles (10-15 reps)
  5. Repeat, but rotate arms counter-clockwise with palms facing up (10-15 reps)
  6. Optional: hold light weight (2-10lbs) in each hand

Crab Walk

The crab walk may take you back to your elementary school physical education days. Such a goofy exercise, but very effective. Engage your deltoids while simultaneously getting cardiovascular training. Race with a partner for even more fun!

  1. Sit on the floor and plant your hands under your shoulders
  2. Place your feet flat and bend your knees
  3. Extend your hips so they rise slightly off the floor (crab position)
  4. Walk forward on your hands and feet, moving your right leg and left arm in unison (vice versa)
  5. Ensure to keep your hips low and chest high
  6. Walk for 10-30 seconds

Reverse Fly (Posterior Deltoids) with Iso-Bow

Effective Shoulder Exercises
Effective Shoulder Exercises
  1. Hold your Iso-Bow by the cable grips in the vertical position
  2. Ensure your palms are facing each other
  3. Pull your Iso-Bow grips apart with 60%-80% controlled resistance (you should feel a burn in the back of your shoulders)
  4. Maintain an isometric hold for 7-10 seconds
  5. Now move Iso-Bow side to side maintaining tension and keeping your arms straight (slight bend in elbow)
  6. Complete 10-15 repetitions for both sides
  7. Repeat steps as necessary

Shoulder Press with Iso-Bow

Effective Shoulder Exercises
Effective Shoulder Exercises
Effective Shoulder Exercises
  1. Hold your Iso-Bow with handles in the vertical position
  2. Ensure your palms are facing each other
  3. Rotate to have your right forearm in the vertical position, right hand at shoulder height (creating a 90 degree angle with elbow), and left forearm parallel to the ground across your body
  4. Perform isometric hold for both sides using 60%-80% of maximum effort for 7-10 seconds
  5. Now press from hand at shoulder height to full vertical extension maintaining tension on your Iso-Bow the entire time
  6. Complete 10-15 repetitions for both sides
  7. Repeat steps as necessary

Lateral Raise with Iso-Bow

  1. Hold your Iso-Bow with handles in the vertical position
  2. Ensure palms are facing each other
  3. Start with your hands in front of your thighs
  4. Perform isometric hold for both sides using 60%-80% of maximum effort for 7-10 seconds
  5. Now move arms laterally (pictured above) maintaining tension on your Iso-Bow the entire time (use controlled movement and extend through the entire range of motion)
  6. Complete 10-15 repetitions for both sides
  7. Repeat steps as necessary


These effective shoulder exercises are designed to strengthen and tone your shoulders, improve your daily performance, reduce your risk of injury, and aid in increasing your lifting strength. Start this simple routine or mix it in with your current routines and feel the benefits instantly.

Effective Shoulder exercises and routines are important to keep your deltoids and rotator cuffs healthy, strong, and toned. For optimal daily performance, Bullworker encourages you to safely exercise your shoulders in your home with minimal equipment. If you do not own an Iso-Bow, you can find them here starting at $19.99.

We care about the total body health and wellness of our family and we do not want any muscle to go untouched. Your quality of life and fitness goals are important to us and we believe starting with the shoulder muscles is a good place to start.