Cross Training Home Gym Workouts Made Easy

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Reading reviews from happy Bullworker users or watching videos of people using our products to improve their lives through fitness is one of our favorite things to do.

Recently, we were inspired by Mark Black, a 54-year-old fitness enthusiast who showed off his love of Bullworker products in a 15-minute video featuring a “3D” cross-training home gym workout that has given him some amazing results. Mark recorded some excellent examples of how highly effective home gym exercises can be made easy with Bullworker, and we want to share them with everyone.

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Why it Works

Cross Training Home Gym Workouts Made Easy by mixing and matching three Bullworker products — Iso-Bow, Iso-Gym, and a Bullworker Steel Bow or Classic — unlocks an incredible range of exercise techniques capable of targeting any section of the body. In just 15 minutes, Mark is able to utilize a range of isometric, isotonic, and bodyweight exercises that get results without putting dangerous levels of stress on joints and muscles.

As Mark says, this 3D workout delivers all the dimensions of resistance training, allowing him to work on muscle groups from all angles through functional movements.

Getting Started

Mark begins his routine with rotational stretching exercises focused on warming up the lower back and the shoulders with the Iso-Bow. Pulling out gently on the Iso-Bow while moving both hands in a circular motion helps warm up the lats. Side stretching motions get the obliques, lats, and triceps ready for the workout. These and a couple of other stretches — all with the Iso-Bow in hand — provide an excellent warm-up for the entire body.

Flying Bench Press with Iso-Gym

Cross Training Home Gym Workouts Made Easy with body weight “press ups” are great for those who aren’t at a fitness level that allows them to do a traditional horizontal push up. Increase the angle of your body to find the perfect level of resistance for your ability and goals. Raise or lower your hands to vary the core impact between abs and chest.

Turning around and pulling on the Iso-Gym handles allows you to work on your back muscles as well.

Working the Entire Body with Bullworker

Get into the lowest squatting position that’s comfortable and then do an isometric hold with the Bullworker for 10 seconds (or do some mini reps while you’re holding your squat position). To work the shoulders, lift the Bullworker over your head and repeat the isometric hold or mini reps. These movements exercise the shoulders, traps, and legs all at the same time.

Pulling on the Bullworker while holding it in front of you will allow you to target the triceps and biceps at the same time. Holding the device as an archer and pulling works the arms and even the hips, if you use your whole body as you pull back.

Cross Training Home Gym Workouts Made Easy

As Mark showed in his video, mixing and matching a few Bullworker products allows you to perform an incredible range of exercises and techniques. If you were looking for some convenient inspiration, this is a great example of how simple cross training home gym workouts can be accomplished with a few Bullworker products.

Do you have your own custom cross training workout at home? Leave a comment and tell us about it, or, better yet, make a video and share it with us on Facebook!