The Benefits of Portable Exercise Equipment

by | Bullworker, Legs

Portable exercise equipment makes achieving your fitness goals easier. When it comes to accomplishing most things in life, convenience and access is key. Your fitness is no different.

How often do you find yourself missing your exercise routine because of the below reasons?

5 Common Reasons People Do Not Exercise

  1. They do not feel like going to the gym
  2. They are uncomfortable going to a gym
  3. They do not have enough time to go to the gym
  4. They are bored of or am not motivated to go to the gym
  5. They do not have a gym option

Portable exercise equipment solves your challenges and no one does it better than Bullworker. Bullworker gives you a range of products with the utmost portability and proven effectiveness. Using science-backed techniques such as isometrics, isotonics, and ISO-MOTION you can accomplish your fitness goals wherever you are, with ease. You can use your Bullworker products stand-alone or as a cross-training system and the real beauty is, they are ready when you are with little to no setup time.

In addition to convenience, portable exercise equipment allows you to make anywhere your gym. Find yourself enjoying the great outdoors, a park, or even your hotel room as your gym. Maximum portability and simplicity give you the power to accomplish a powerful exercise routine quickly so you can get back to doing what you love, either at home or on the road.

Benefits of Portable Exercise Equipment

1. Convenience

Portable exercise equipment gives you the ability to exercise on your time.

2. Choice

Portable exercise equipment gives you the power to choose where and when you workout. Mixing up where you exercise can be the spice you need to keep things fun and enjoyable rather than redundant and boring.

3. Consistency

Portable exercise equipment makes it easy for you to stay consistent. Every day is not going to be your best workout but what is important is your decision to stay consistent. Whether you need a quick option at home or while on the road, portable exercise makes it easy to stick to your routines.

See for yourself

Try this superset leg routine using a combination of isometrics and isotonic exercises wherever you please and see for yourself how fun portable exercise equipment can be. Best of all, you can do this workout in as little as 10 minutes.

5 Quick Leg  Exercises using Portable Exercise Equipment

A few things to note:

  1. Never hold your breath. Maintain constant breathing throughout your exercises
  2. Focus on your muscles being engaged. Intentionally activate your targeted muscles and listen to your body.
  3. Take breaks as you need them.
  4. Always consult with your physician prior to physical exertion.

Rep Sequence:

15 repetitions and hold for a 7 second isometric hold. Without a break perform 10 repetitions and hold for a 7 second isometric hold and follow with 5 repetitions and hold for a 7 second isometric hold. This completes one set using a powerful combination of isotonic and isometric exercises for optimum results.

1) Front Squat

Portable Exercise Equipment

Thread your ISO-FLO through your top cable and place your feet shoulder-width apart securely on the bottom cable. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold your hands in front of your chest with your straps taught. Stand tall keeping your back straight and lower back to your starting position.

2) Calf Extension

Calf Extension Portable Exercise Equipment

Securely place the ball of your desired foot on the bottom cable. In a controlled motion point your toes and then release.

3) Lunges

Lunges For a Quick Leg Workout

Place your desired foot on the bottom cable. Grab the top cable (you may use your ISO-BOW(s) or ISO-FLO as an extension). Step your opposite leg back so you are in a kneeling position. Stand tall using your front leg and keeping your back straight. Step back into kneeling position and repeat.

4) Hip Abduction

Hip Abduction Leg Workout

Grip your Bullworker cables in the center. Lie down on your back. Place your forearms on the outside of your knees and spread your legs.

5) Hip Adduction

Portable Exercise Equipment

Holding your Bullworker handles, place your hands on the inside of your knees. Contract your legs together.


The convenience of portable exercise equipment can be the difference between accomplishing your fitness goals or not. You can be creative or find products giving you the portability to ensure you have access to the tools you need to make anywhere your gym.

We hope you enjoyed this article and leg routine to motivate you to continue your fitness journey. Please leave your feedback and questions below and share this with your friends and family.