Cable Curls Made Easy: Effective Biceps Tips and Exercises Using Bullworker

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Are you searching for the perfect equipment to perform bicep cable curls and other cable exercises? Bullworker provides top-notch quality equipment that allows you to perform effective cable curls and other bicep exercises. You can easily change the spring resistance level to suit your fitness needs and challenge yourself to achieve your fitness goals. Bullworker fitness equipment is extremely portable and convenient; making cable exercises easy to perform in the comfort of your own home and while traveling. Conventional curls, cable curls, hammer curls, and reverse grip curls can all be completed with this stand-alone total gym equipment.

What are Cable Curl Exercises?

The biceps cable curl is an isolation exercise focusing on the biceps brachii muscle. This muscle flexes the elbow and connects the scapula with the radius of the forearm. Cable curls are often thought of as a pulling action performed with a cable machine or similar fitness equipment.

While performing cable curls, other stabilizing muscles are also engaged at the shoulder and upper back (anterior deltoid, trapezius, and the levator scapulae). You will also feel some engagement in your wrist flexors. Cable curls offer a different resistance throughout the movement that dumbbells and barbells provide. This requires your body to use more stabilizer muscles allowing you to target your biceps from all angles.

Benefits of Cable Curls

Biceps are difficult muscles to train if you do not have the proper equipment or a gym membership. The biceps brachii is used frequently in your daily life. Any time you raise your arm or bend your elbow to complete a task, your biceps are engaged. Strong biceps can help you carry heavy objects such as boxes, grocery bags, a laundry basket, or a child.

  1. Bicep curls can strengthen your brachii muscle and allow for constant tension on your stabilizing muscles throughout the entire range of motion.
  2. In order to feel the burn, you do not need very much weight. Using isometric exercises and repetitions with light weight are sufficient for your biceps to achieve an excellent workout.
  3. Bullworker bicep exercises are fun and engaging and allow for variety to suit your goals. There are many variations to choose from and you can easily change the spring resistance level to meet your demands.

Before you know it, your biceps will be getting stronger, more defined and everyday tasks will become easier. Carrying groceries from the car to the house will be a breeze. Picking up your child will be fun, not strenuous. Dragging laundry up the stairs will not seem daunting.

Variations of Bicep Exercises

Standing Cable Curl

This exercise focuses on the tension provided by the cable. In this variation, you are able to work against resistance with your elbows in a mechanically stronger position.

Single Arm Curls

The rhythmic, nature of single arm curls means both of your arms are being worked equally, your stronger side cannot compensate for your weaker side. This compensation can happen when using a bar. Performing single arm curls can help with cheating by preventing you from rocking your body to help swing the curl upward. Single alternating curls allow you to focus on one bicep muscle at a time.

Concentration Curl

This biceps exercise, stimulates all heads of the muscle including the peak in the center. The positioning of the exercise allows for proper form and resistance against your bicep and lends the ability focus on one arm at a time. This also allows for extra emphasis on the inner head of the biceps.

Incline Curl

The slight incline allows your arms to be slightly behind your body and engages the outer head of the biceps. In this lowermost position, the biceps are still under load and contracting eccentrically; studies have shown this can lead to more powerful concentric contractions.

Close-Grip Chin-Up

Note: You definitely need a strong back to perform any version of the chin-up. This movement also requires a fair amount of biceps strength to hoist your body weight and chin over the bar. Having your grip with palms facing you and your hands shoulder-width apart (or closer), you will really work your brachii muscle. In addition, you workout your back and biceps at the same time with this challenging exercise!

How does Bullworker Help?

You can substitute Bullworker for free weight workouts and/or add Bullworker to your exercise regimen. You can choose your optimal spring resistance and go at your own pace. Bullworker recommends maintaining a slow and intentional speed with every workout. When you pause the contractions of an exercise, try engaging in isometric exercises for a few seconds and hold a position for a more challenging and rewarding workout.

There are zero weights involved with Bullworker fitness training, so there is more control with resistance and response opportunity to your muscles, no crash sounds into a stack/floor, or drop on your toes; meaning less risk for injury and more peace for those around you. Keeping the tension of your Bullworker equipment for the duration of the routine will enhance the effectiveness of the workout.

Bullworker’s YouTube channel can assist you with using your equipment properly.

Spring resistance training makes it easier for you to only move your forearm during biceps cable curls. Your back, shoulders, and hips are more likely to remain stabilized, which is proper form and allows for more work to be focused on your biceps. Usually, when using weights, there is a tendency of swaying, jerking your shoulders, hollowing your back, and moving the hips. This is a common sign that you are lifting too heavy of a weight and cheating by using momentum rather than steady contraction.

Since you can choose your spring resistance and the amount of effort, Bullworker remains safer, easy to use, and an effective workout option for stronger biceps. Here are a few tips to make your training safer:

  1. All are encouraged to avoid biceps exercises if you have an injury to the elbow or wrist. Bullworker will work your muscles to fatigue, but not to the point of pain.
  2. If you feel any pain, end the exercise.
  3. Always warm up before you do strengthening exercises and take your joints through the complete range of motion. For an effective warm-up, please check-out the Iso-Bow for a great warmup tool. 

After setting the appropriate weight or spring resistance level, place your feet flat on the floor with one or both hands holding a cable handle and complete repetitions as necessary. Cable curl exercises can be used as an upper-body strengthening/muscle-building program. Your biceps and surrounding muscles will see results immediately. Try this free video to get started!


Variety in your training is very important for optimal results. Different bicep exercises call for various muscles to be engaged allowing for many more muscle fibers to be stimulated. These techniques can prompt more balanced development throughout the biceps complex (biceps brachii and underlying brachialis). Also, having multiple bicep exercises in your routine can reduce boredom; improving your focus and intensity.

Are you ready to decide on the perfect equipment for your biceps training? Choose the safe, simple, and convenient method of Bullworker. Strengthen and tone your muscles at your own pace and spring resistance levels. You will not be disappointed, we stand by that with our 90 day guarantee!